February 26, 2009

A memory of a long ago summer when in company with Johnny Speight (creator of that controversial bigot Alf Garnet) and others, I met Johnny Rotten aka John Joseph Lydon and Sid Vicious aka John Simon Ritchie for the very first time. I had never seen safety pins used that way before! The whole thing was totally bizarre! Johnny Speight was meeting the boys with a view to writing a film script for them – it didn’t come to anything. Everyone got a little drunk and staggered from the “True Love’s Knot” in Northwood to a cab. We ended up in the Golf Club for more drinks and food. The true blue members there were shocked by the boys appearance, safety pins and spiky hair. Those were the days. See the Sex Pistol’s here.

And Sid in action here, for old time’s sake.

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