Now this has got to be the ultimate – “You Pay, Computer Prays For You.”

Saves you time…saves your knees too. No longer do you have to remember those morning and evening prayers. A computer talks to God on your behalf –

“Information Age Prayer is a site that charges you a monthly fee to say prayers for you. A typical charge is $4.95 per month to say three prayers specified by you each day.”

Story HERE.

“A ghostly figure dressed in Victorian clothes was filmed on Google Street View – before vanishing into thin air.”

WOW! Now that’s strange…see story HERE.

“Two psychics who were given £4,500 in government cash to help grieving relatives contact the dead have sparked a public spending row.

Mediums Paul and Deborah Rees were awarded taxpayers’ money to teach people how to contact the ‘other side’ under the Government’s Want2Work job creation scheme.

But the move has been branded a ‘disgrace’ by critics who said the funding was inappropriate given the large amount of people who were losing their jobs.”

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Thought for the day

March 26, 2009

“If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.”

Dorothy Parker

Dedicated to the bankers of the world with much love…

The Passionate Oven

March 26, 2009

Mr. Barowicz is a gourmet chef.
His spatula, teasing, stirs milky sauce
agile fingers dipping, tongue darting to lick
sweet, sticky drops. Firmly, he spins
the oven’s knobs, compelling flames to writhe
beneath the grills. His tender mitts ease
hot dishes from the warm, secret cavity
nestled behind the oven’s modest door.

Small wonder the oven has fallen in love
craving to raise his soufflés, fluff
his meringue, brown his meat to firmness.
Mr. Barowicz bends to thrust a dish inside;
the oven’s temperature flares, soaring
high above the number on the dial.
Flames ignite the pastry, consuming it
in passion’s ecstatic, blistering fire.

Rachel Swirsky