And what good news from India…they are developing the technology to enable them to read the minds of terrorists!

The Department of Science and Technology is heading up the project which brings together “people who understand language, linguistics and people who look at nuclear magnetic resonance…they have come together to really understand the human cognition associated with the linguistic language processes in the mind,” according to T Ramasami, secretary of the DS&T.

Mr. Ramasami said the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, will coordinate the teams. “And what we hope to do with this kind of activity is to really understand…..I think if it extrapolates…we should be able to find a guy with terrorist intent without even weapon.”

So, they won’t even need a smoking gun to get a conviction in future! Ace! We read his mind judge, and he’s guilty as sin!

“We have to move into that direction,” said Mr. Ramasami.

Will this bring an end to their current dependency on mystics and soothsayers? I certainly hope not…watch this space.


Filmed live:

“Paranormal experts are investigating an alleged ghost sighting apparently caught on CCTV in the grounds of an Edwardian country house.In the eight-second footage, a luminous yellow glow is seen emerging from trees outside Croxteth Hall in Liverpool.It then heads towards a path leading to the house before disappearing”… Spooky!

So, having munched their way through Jamie Oliver’s grub last week, the Shetland salmon, the slow-roasted shoulder of lamb (slightly pink at the centre) and the Bakewell tart, Gordon Brown, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and the others probably sat back and asked themselves:

“Where’s the next financial crises coming from?”

“Who’s going to be next?”

And just the merest perusal of their briefing papers would have provided a clue – a clue the size of Eastern Europe, the weakest link in the financial chain.


Because their economies are fragile as a butterfly’s wing! And Western Banks have loaned them mega-amounts…sort of Sub-prime, Balkan style. If they should default on those loans…well, don’t even go there!

That’s why the G20 came up with extra money for the IMF…to take care of the bills from eastern Europe! As one commentator would have it:

“The leaders, though not many have acknowledged this, were not doling out their cash to the IMF out of sheer altruism; it was part of a hard-headed calculation of the risk of further international turmoil that will make citizens from Canada to Korea much the poorer.”

So Turkey, Ukraine, Serbia, Latvia, Romania and others are already in the process of obtaining IMF handouts to rescue their economies. Others will surely follow.

And the size of this problem?

“Analysts at Capital Economics say that about $500bn (£335bn) of maturing debt is due to be rolled over this year, of which the $100bn emanating from Russia can be discounted, given her vast foreign currency reserves.

So that leaves about $400bn, and if the losses on that debt spiraled to say 50 %that leaves an exposure of $200bn, some way less than the extra resources the IMF has been promised.

Who is threatened, precisely? Here again the IMF was unafraid to name those at risk: “the vulnerabilities of banks with substantial exposure to central and eastern Europe are raising perceptions of sovereign risk in advanced economies.”

Ummmm. Watch this space….

Garcia Marquez Furious

April 8, 2009

Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez has told the world he’s a tad pissed-off with newspapers and the media claiming he’ll never write again.

“Not only is that not true, but what is true is that I do nothing else but write,” Garcia Marquez said at the weekend.

The eighty-two year old made the comments when asked by the newspaper El Tiempo was it true that he was to publish no more books?

I’m a writer, not a publisher. But only I know when the cakes I’m baking in the oven are ready to eat,” was his considered response. Good for you Gabriel, give ‘em hell!


Oh, it makes such fine headlines, but is there any reality behind it?

“Brown has promised an environmentally friendly Budget later this month to kick start a “green recovery” – including the mass introduction of electric cars on Britain’s roads.”

I suspect this is simply “Newspeak” for increased taxation…the sugar to sweeten the pill. And my suspicion seems to be confirmed by this little gem:

” “It is not just what we do to give real help now, but about setting a path for the future as well. We always take into account what we need and what is best future for the fiscal position,” he said.”

Article HERE.