The door

April 15, 2009

One day you’ll see:

you’ve been knocking on a door

without a house.

You’ve been waiting, shivering, yelling

words of daring and hope.


One day you’ll see:

there is no-one on the other side

except, as ever, the jubilant ocean

that won’t shatter ceramically like a dream

when you and I shatter.


But not yet. Now

you wait outside, watching

the blue arches of mornings

that will break

but are now perfect.


Underneath on tip-toe

pass the faces, speaking to you,

saying ‘you’, ‘you’, ‘you’,

smiling, waving, arriving

in unfailing chronology.


One day you’ll doubt your movements,

you will shudder

at the accuracy of your sudden age.

You will ache for slow beauty

to save you from your quick, quick life.


But not yet. Hope

fills the yawn of time.

Blue surrounds you. Now let’s say

you see a door and knock,

and wait for someone to hear.


Kapka Kassabova

It is reported a “bogus applicant using the name “Ollie Cromwell” paid £8.99 to set up The Red Rag as a campaign blog. The buyer had to provide only a name, address, telephone number and e-mail to create the site on November 4 last year. The address given was the House of Commons…”

“Mr Brown’s official spokesman said yesterday that it was “not a matter for the Government”…can you believe it? Brown is a very worried man as the knives come out!

The EU commenced legal action against Britain yesterday for not applying EU data privacy rules that would restrict an Internet advertising tracker named Phorm which monitors surfers on the web.

The EU went on to warn they could force social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace to conceal minors profiles from search engines; The European Commission said: “Britain should outlaw Internet traffic interception and monitoring unless users give explicit consent that their behaviour can be tracked and analyzed.” Numerous complaints have been received about BT Group PLC which “tested Phorm in 2006 and 2007 without informing customers involved in the trial. Phorm analyzes Internet users’ behaviour so it can target them with advertising that might appeal to them.” (now you know where all that Spam comes from).

“Such a technology in the view of the European Commission and European data protection law can only be used with the prior consent of the user,” said EU spokesman Martin Selmayr.

No one should read self pity or reproach into the statement of the majesty of God, who with such exquisite irony granted me books and blindness at one touch.

Jorge Luis Borges

See HERE to see the Secret Books for yourself.

Election of the dead

April 15, 2009

This is an interesting concept – vote for a politician who’s dead. Now, you may be one of those who looks around the commons at certain times of the week…Thursdays and Fridays are good for me…and wistfully ruminates “where is everybody?”

At such times it’s like a ghost chamber in there, isn’t it?

You would be no worse off if you voted for the dead! Which is exactly what “voters in a small town in the US state of Missouri have done, re-electing their popular mayor to a fourth term, several weeks after he died of a heart attack.”

An excellent choice…and at a very low cost, too. It would be particularly apt for the EU parliament also, don’t you think?