The BNP and Europe

April 29, 2009

The BNP is under attack yet again. Peter Hain says “we must fight them as we did the National Front in the 70s”. There’s little doubt in the minds of the majority, that the BNP support the concept “British Jobs For British Workers”. They are also the only political party to unequivocally state they would take Britain out of Europe.

Mr. Hain suggests: “that the BNP needs to be confronted wherever its supporters march or appear in public; and they must also be denied platforms to spread their hate.” In other words they should be denied the right to speak. He carefully adds: “Whenever they are ascendant (the BNP) locally, racial violence and racial hatred are barely beneath the surface.”

But we all know preaching messages to incite racial violence is illegal. It’s a crime. Any BNP candidate preaching such a message publicly would find him or herself facing arrest and prosecution. It’s interesting to note also, Mr. Hain’s claim that “racial violence and racial hatred are barely beneath the surface”. “Barely”? How does he determine, and measure the degree of this?

I should make it clear I’m not a supporter of the BNP or there racial policies.

Nor am I a supporter of anyone who seems to be suggesting that a political party should be “confronted” (I assume Mr. Hain’s means physically?) and then likens the BNP to Mosley’s Blackshirts, and explains they were “physically stopped”…which they were, by crowds estimated at 300,000 strong, during the Battle of Cable Street in October 1936. 10,000 police, 3,000 blackshirts. The police baton charged the anti-fascist crowds repeatedly. There were many broken heads, and much material damage. Is an incident of that magnitude what Mr. Hain is actually advocating?

If we ignore for the moment what may or may not be an attempt to incite violence against the BNP by Mr Hain, what facts are we left with?

BNP policies tend to be “leftish – although they are referred to as rightwing, presumably because of the racial issues and the exhibition of nationalism – certainly further to the left than Nu-Labour (centralised control, trade tariffs, state owned businesses, etc). They contain that seductive mantra “British Jobs for British Workers”…which rightly or wrongly is going to appeal to anyone who feels they have “missed out” because of the presence of “foreign nationals” etc. And they want to exit the EU.

When it comes down to basics Mr. Hain is bemoaning the fact that the BNP is kicking Nu-labour’s arse in the North West. They could win (and probably will) six seats in the EU parliamentary elections in June.

The problem for me is this – why, after years of Nu-labour policies, has the electorate turned to the BNP? By Mr. Hain’s own admission they were already doing well in the 2004 EU elections, and the 2006 local elections. So it’s not just a question of “credit crunch” and “employment” but something deeper – perhaps a growing sense of marginalization?

I don’t for one minute believe that individuals placing their X against a BNP candidate on election day are doing so because they’re inherently racist (although some may be). I believe they’re voting in this way, because they feel ignored, marginalized, and consequently politically powerless. And Mr. Hain, rather than address this issue (which is one of white middle class aspiration), would sooner the BNP be “confronted” and “denied platforms” to spread their message – which is anti-European!

Nu-labour promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty European Constitution. Gordon Brown in power changed his mind. Gordon Brown made a speech announcing “British Jobs for British Workers” (stealing some of the BNP’s thunder in the process), then turned round and claimed he didn’t mean that – no, he meant there’d be more training for British Workers to do British jobs.

I suspect bullshit like this, coupled with lies, coupled with enforced “politburo” multiculturalism, has led to a huge segment of the electorate saying enough is enough. It is extremely unlikely that Nu-labour will win as much as a single, that is a solitary, seat in the forthcoming EU elections. And this wound has been totally self-inflicted!

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