Gordon Brown tells it as it is…

May 30, 2009

You’ve probably seen Mr. Brown’s erudite and lucid explanation for what’s been happening on the political front in the Sun newspaper. But in case you haven’t, I present this:

“I CAME into politics because I wanted to change the world.”

Oh, just like in the pop song… Well, Gordon, didn’t you once say you’d “saved the world”?

Wouldn’t that do?


Ummm, you haven’t really changed the world, but you’ve well and truly shafted Briton…that’s got to account for something, hasn’t it?

“I love this country and, like most British people, I’m proud of the way that we decide things democratically.”

Which country do you mean then, Gordon? Scotland? Wales? Northern Ireland? England? ‘cause the UK isn’t a country, you know, old bean? Nor is Britain! You seem a tad geographically confused? Perhaps you’re referring to Spain? Off to Torremolinos for your summer hols, eh? Already slipped into holiday mode….

“We’ve got no big history of extremism in this country because our Parliament – the oldest in the world – has always been a symbol of how we decide things fairly together.”

So why the hell are we spending soooo much money on “anti-terror measures”?

Your mob spend much more now than when we were getting regularly bombed by the IRA!

And in fact we wouldn’t have any problems at all, if your mate Tony hadn’t gone off on one and invaded Iraq and Afganistan…after misleading Parliament and the electorate.

“But our democracy has been discredited by the scandals of recent weeks — revelations that have made me furious because it seems some people have been serving themselves and not the public.”

You’re furious?

You didn’t know what was going on, then? No news on the planet Zarg, eh Gord?

You didn’t claim for two different second homes, while living in the same “grace and favour” flat for twelve years? And what about that flat you purchased and placed in your wife’s name while switching your second home designation to Scotland? Would that have been done to avoid Capital Gains Tax?

“So I’m determined to do whatever it takes to clean up politics.”

Yeah, right, so what have you done? Sacked half your cabinet? Rid yourself of all those Nu-Labour MPs who’ve been shown as “troughing”?

Nooo, none of that!

Instead you’ve set up a committee!

Gordon, I’m sorry, but you are a first class joke! If you had the least thread of moral turpitude or human decency you’d call an election NOW!

It’s what the people WANT and they want it NOW!

Not simple minded platitudes, but an ELECTION…NOW!

One Response to “Gordon Brown tells it as it is…”

  1. UK Voter said

    Very nicely put. Brown and his ‘mate’ Blair have done more damage to the fabric of this country than either of the last 2 world wars. They have destroyed our economy, decimated our long-held and highly valued right to liberty and freedom, placed us in the front-line for terrorism, consistently lied to the people, introduced a PC world that only seeks to highlight differences…the list goes on. History will look back at the New Labour experiment and wonder how on earth we, the people of this once great nation, allowed it to happen. To me, it was one of the most successful (if measured on results) frauds committed against the people of the UK.

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