Riots in Paris, again

August 11, 2009

So, history repeats itself again (seems to happen every two years), and two nights of riots rock the French city (or rather its suburbs).

Don’t hear much about it, though, do we? Wonder why?

Thought for the day

August 11, 2009

“Isn’t it interesting that the same people who laugh at science fiction listen to weather forecasts and economists?”

Kelvin Throop III

As if in confirmation of the growing claim we in the UK no longer have a government , we learn even EU rulings (where inconvenient) are to be ignored. So, does this mean we’ve become ungovernable? Or is it more the case the death throes of Nu-Labour resemble the failure of Mussolini’s Fascist Dream, with those in power interested only in their own well being, blind to the writing on the wall and the terrible damage inflicted on the State by their self-interest and incompetence?

Does legality mean anything to this government? Certainly individual human rights can have no place in the Nu-Labour “manifesto”. But do they recognise the law as anything other than a tool for repression?

The Lib Dem shadow home secretary Chris Huhne says: “It is not up to police forces to ignore court judgments because they or their masters do not like them.”

But, like it or not, he’s wrong. They will ignore judgments inconvenient to their ideology which appears to be one of total control.