Climate Change and me…

October 29, 2009


I’ve frequently been asked my views on climate change.  Put simply, the earth’s climate has never been static: huge shifts in temperature, for example,  have taken place over the last three hundred million years – changes that have had nothing whatsoever to do with hominoids or their activities!

So is the climate changing?

Yes, of course. The earth’s climate is NOT static. At this point in time we appear to be in a period of “global cooling”. Since 1998 temperatures have fallen slightly, year-on-year, which has led some of the “scientific community” to drop the mantra of “Global Warming” and to sing from the hymn sheet of “Climate Change” instead.

The big problem, for me, is their laying “blame” for this climate change (for this quite natural phenomena, in other words) on the activities of mankind. This I don’t accept. It’s perverse and egotistical.

How many people realise, for example, that if each European country achieves the EU target of a 20% reduction in carbon emissions, the effect this will have on climate change over the next one hundred years is so small as to be immeasurable!  If every country in the world adopted and achieved the same target, by the end of the century the statistics suggest we might have made a difference to  climate change of between one and two years. All that pain for two years grace? The EU incentive alone is set to cost the EU economies 180 billion euros annually.

180 billion annually to make no noticeable difference? Does that make sense? Wouldn’t that money be better spent on things that will make a difference to quality of life and to the future?

Then we have all the talk about the “Greenhouse Effect” and “Greenhouse Gases” don’t we? So what’s this “Greenhouse Effect”? As an issue it’s a biggy, but how many of us can explain what it is? In reality, probably not many. The explanations we see in the media are inaccurate oversimplifications that at times border on the absurd.

A very good explanation can be found HERE.

I’m afraid I don’t find nature or climate to be particularly benign; but I do see mankind as being somewhat puny in comparison.

See HERE on CO2 emissions…the facts!

People don’t want to believe they can’t make a difference. It’s unacceptable to their egos. If we really wanted to do something about the current changes in climate, we should have prevented the Industrial Revolution (so some scientists believe). And had we done that, the difference it would have made to the Earth’s climate is uncertain!

So instead we pour money into bad, very bad ideas – like banning conventional light bulbs and using “energy efficient” light bulbs that are filled with mercury – a substance  banned by the EU for use in thermometers…because of pollution!! (“official advice from the Department of the Environment states that if a low-energy bulb is smashed, the room needs to be vacated for at least 15 minutes.”) See HERE.

Ultimately we are making decisions on so much “bad” science, for example, HERE. And HERE.

For human beings to accomplish anything worthwhile a more common sense approach to the problems of climate and environment should be adopted. For example, the river Thames was at one time so badly polluted fish could not live in its waters (if you were unfortunate enough to fall in and swallow some of it, hospitals tended to pump your stomach). The pollution was caused by industry. We didn’t solve the problem by banning industry. No. Instead we cleaned up the industry, and now the fish have returned.

Finally, I do believe human beings can make a difference to the quality of life, and to the environment, but that their impact on the earth’s climate is going to be small, infinitesimal  almost. They just have to accept this, and get over it.

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