Our Future…

April 7, 2010

What does our future hold for us? Could it be this –

Or might we be luckier and end up like this –

The choice is yours – what do you think?

“Time Lords walk among us. Two per cent of readers may be surprised to discover that they are members of an elite group with the power to perceive the geography of time.

“Sci-fi fans – Anglophile ones, at least – know that the coolest aliens in the universe are Time Lords: time-travelling humanoids with the ability to understand and perceive events throughout time and space. Now it seems that people with a newly described condition have a similar, albeit lesser ability: they experience time as a spatial construct.

“Synaesthesia is the condition in which the senses are mixed, so that a sound or a number has a colour, for example. In one version, the sense of touch evokes emotions.

“To those variants we can now add time-space synaesthesia.”

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Do you like a little paddle in the sea? Well, take a look HERE and see what might be waiting to attach itself to your backside!!

“A bizarre-looking giant crustacean has been found after it latched onto a submarine deep underwater and was dragged to the surface, according to reports.”

Telepathic terrorism, or delusional drunk?

“Singapore police are questioning a man who threatened to bring down a Qantas flight from Sydney to Singapore.

The man was restrained by flight stewards after he made threats to disrupt QF31 using mind power.”

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A Love Poem

April 7, 2010

You want, you need, you long to live
But words are muddled when you say
‘I love you’; there has been delay
In what I hoped that I could give.

Silence is love, or just a glance,
Meeting of eyes, meeting of hands.
Each knows the other understands
Each thinks that none of this is chance.

Elizabeth Jennings