God bless the EU…

October 31, 2010

So our blessed Coagulation has agreed an increase in the EU budget. And at a time when budgets are being cut across all government departments!?

Wonderful…or should that be Wunderbar ?

Die Welt headlines: “Merkle asserts her will in Brussels”. Spiegel on the other hand proudly declares: “Europe comes up against the iron chancellor” comparing the dear lady to chancellor Otto Von Bismarck, who, you may recall, once stated:

“The great questions of the time will not be resolved by speeches and majority decisions…but by iron and blood.”

He went on to wage war in turn against Denmark, Austria and France, and remarked about the Polish people “if we want to survive – we’ve got only one option – to exterminate them” – a true “European” indeed.

So, my little luvies, think on this when you’re next in the Job Centre. The coagulation have agreed an increase of £380 million to the Eurocrats. That money could have been used to create:

6,022 NHS doctors

12,666 NHS nurses

14,636 police constables

30 Harrier jump-jets (for those aircraft-less aircraft carriers!)

Or given me the holiday of a bloody lifetime!

Instead it’s to be given to Eurocrats to piss up the wall spend wisely on further European quangos initiatives such as the European External Action Service, or Europol, or one of the other shit worthless bits of bureaucracy necessary European incentives!

But it doesn’t end there. Oh, no! Word is that next year (2011) around the middle of the year, the Eurocrats will ask for another increase…watch this space!

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