We love WAR…

March 30, 2011

Well I keep hearing about cuts…cuts here, cuts there. Armageddon confronts us. Even that great British shibboleth Defense has to make savings.

Uuuummm. Strangely, even after the “cuts” Britain’s spending on defense will be almost 6% of total government expenditure. In real terms the defense budget 2010/2011 will be 11% up on 1997, representing the longest period of sustained growth since the 1980s.

Don’t believe it? See HERE.

Britain share of global military expenditure is 3.8%. Russia’s is 3.5%. Africa’s is 2%. Even after cuts the UK is the fourth biggest defense spender in the world.


We love WAR? Or the great British public are twats misguided? You Choose…

I think it’s safe to suggest that people who profess to be Christian in our society, don’t actually follow the teachings of Christ or practice the precepts as laid out in the Bible. Which is fair enough when all’s said and done. They’d probably end up sectioned as nut jobs if they did…as an example of what I mean, those homophobes who dress up their gay-bashing by quoting from Leviticus, they don’t follow the rest of Leviticus – where the eating of shellfish is outlawed, where stoning to death is recommended to those who plant their crops in an un-Godly manner!

Can you imagine it? Out on the allotment on a Sunday afternoon stoning someone’s Granny ‘cause they planted their carrots in an un-Godly way? Although thinking about it, it’d be an improvement on “Songs of Praise” and could become the new televisual ‘Biggy’, following in the footsteps of ‘Big Brother’…”Stoning for Sins – LIVE!”

What about wearing clothing made of two blends of textiles? Or crossbreeding livestock? According to Leviticus these are sins…as is sleeping with a menstruating woman or, and this one’s the killer, sexual activity with a neighbor’s wife…adultery, the favorite past time of western society, is FORBIDDEN!

But the big thing is most Christians think of Christianity as something divorced from ‘historical’ Christianity…you know? Like the message ‘Love one’s neighbor as oneself’ in a society that dishes out ASBOs like Smarties…in Britain this has probably evolved from the tea-and-crumpets vicarage tea party type of Christianity where everything must be toned down for the sake of propriety. Don’t make a fuss. While in the States there’s hardly any understanding of the New Testament where it can’t be reinterpreted for the individuals own ends – which is usually the confirmation of pre-existing prejudices or views or the gaining of material wealth.

Of course Leviticus also informs us that failure to abide by the laws of God could result in the sending of wild animals to devour our children…Oh, well, bad luck for them, eh? But then Leviticus tells us that children who insult their parents MUST be killed! Well, more effective than an ASBO…and in 2009 within the UK, 6,493 men were divorced because of adultery, and 12,096 woman were divorced for the same reason (according to the ONS).

Now, while that ratio of figures surprises me, it still provides an opportunity for eighteen and a half thousand stonings per year, so a comparatively cheap form of public entertainment in these austere times. Because, yes, you guessed it, the penalty for adultery is stoning to death.

It’s too quiet in this place!

Time for Peedeel to speak out on all those important issues confronting humanity!

So, here we go, recent scientific research has shown all dogs can count up to TWO. Makes sense to me. If they couldn’t, how the hell would they know when they’d finished licking their balls?