My words bite your thighs…

April 30, 2014


“My words bite your thighs, it is as though my teeth were written. It is a delirious calligraphy, to be studied today by tomorrow’s graphology inside pyramids under an immense block of ice growing in the middle of the desert like a miracle. The mysterious calligraphy of illiterates where images seem closer to the objects which have not been invented yet, the simulated calligraphy of illiterates. I open you up like a horse and look inside for the bridle bit, forgetting you already hold it between your teeth. Night falls again, it is night incessantly. It is the witching hour, permanently bewitching, where the consistency of your being is far more certain than flesh, your bewitching flesh, permanently bewitching. I caress your ectoplasm like I would a shark. I sip you from tall beakers of crystal propped up on living frog leg. I invite you, I shout you, I bestow a name on you, any name.”—

(Gherasim Luca translated by Julian Semilian)
“The Volcanoes Inside Vegetables”

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