What are you reading?

July 7, 2014


Nympho Librarian
by Les Tucker

Yeah, well, what can I say? Good cover design! And Les Tucker I suspect is an alias…Who might he or she be?

I like to party….

July 7, 2014



July 7, 2014


It is not cups of tea wreathed in steam
or the gift of child-free time to bathe, I need.
Not hedges trimmed or picture nails hammered in
straight and true by you; your tyre checks
on my car don’t change my view.

No, only the purple herb will do—
the one with bruised petals, wounded by love
and lying idle. You must fetch that flower—
travel the earth’s girdle to bring back the purple,
then gather four fairies for luck, select a wood.

Choose the night when a bone-cold moon
casts watery light. Steal upon me while I sleep
and hex me please—squeeze the purple juice
into my eyes so things look new. Enchant my vision;
make me wake up different, loving you.