The Lost Part of Me

July 28, 2014


I can still sense you when I’m alone,
When shadows of memories tease me
Daring me to remember,
I can still taste your kisses
As you kissed away my doubts
That others had left behind and abandoned,
Feel your sweet warming caresses
As you moved and seduced me with promises,
But the words the gypsy spoke as she turned over the cards
Break through the dream-like barrier,
The stupid childish romantic image
I created inside my head,
When I thought I heard your voice
Or saw your face in a crowd,
For you were not what you seemed
Your eyes were empty
Not even full of lies,
And when I held you close
You felt more like a ghost.
You left me weak –
Vulnerable to the elements,
But that weakness has finally come to pass
And the old strong self I lost
Is finally resurfacing . . . gasping for breath.

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