Live each day

January 2, 2015


If you live each day as if it is the last day of your life, eventually you’ll be correct.


January 2, 2015


Tonight will be my first night,
the air entering as it pleases,
leaving me porous, and wiser.

Tonight I shall watch the moon
cast its sliding shadow
on my sheets, in the pit of my pillow.

Rolled in my mouth, my tongue
is growing fat. By morning
it will have found the farthest places.

I will be silver, I will be slippery,
turning under fine meshes
till the fishermen throws up his hands

and runs from me. I will be solitary.
Even dreams will abandon me,
the sea wind translate

whatever it can stir of me,
my feet entering the morning
while my head still sleeps,

the distant shoreline receding
and irrelevant, its line of strung flesh
already salted, drying.

Waves curl from me across coral
long and light as bones
that break and belong to no one.

I will stretch out my limbs
to the bed’s unwrinkled corners
and touch nothing. When I wake

no one will have known me.

What are you reading…?

January 2, 2015


Difficult to digest, I find…

For a spell….

January 2, 2015


Dick & Jane Reader 23

January 2, 2015

Dick & Jane Bk23