Delphine LaLaurie

January 3, 2015


I find my thoughts inexplicably drawn to Delphine LaLaurie this morning. How strange is that?

Dear Delphine was living in New Orleans in the early eighteen hundreds. No one can say how many people she killed while there, but she tortured and maimed dozens of her own household slaves.

She delighted in sewing her victims mouths shut to keep them quiet while she amputated their fingers, arms, feet, legs, whatever…On occasion she’d amputate the more intimate parts of her victims, cocks, testicles, nipples and labia, while delighting in the almost orgasmic spasms of her victims.

Not someone you’d want to invite to your “bring and bake”, perhaps.

Suprise sex…

January 3, 2015



Drenched in words

January 3, 2015


One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them, to have the right ones form themselves into the proper patterns at the right moment.

Hart Crane

Going down on the demon

January 3, 2015


You think it’s a dream to begin with. Someone entering your bedroom, climbing on the bed beside you. It feels incredibly realistic for a dream, though. Those hands on your body, touching you intimately.

The dream becomes more explicit. You are with a man. His burrowing hand is in your panties. Oh, boy, you are so wet down there. Your legs are yawning.

Wait up a minute. Who is this guy? Where’d he come from? Something’s not right here…

But then, this is a dream, isn’t it? And dreams aren’t exactly logical. And that does feel soooo good, doesn’t it? What he’s doing to you, down there…

So you don’t yell out or get up when his sex brushes your cheek. It’s big, like a fleshy club. Then it’s against your pouting mouth. You think, What the hell. You begin to suck on it…

When do you first realise this isn’t a dream? That this is an actual experience?

For twenty-three year old Anna G it was when she almost choked to death. The dream she’d been experiencing had seemed so real; too real for comfort. She woke alone, choking, with a salty taste “like semen” in her mouth. Or so she later claimed.

‘My panties were soaking, but I thought, you know, it was the nature of the dream, or hormones. Something like that. I hadn’t done sex for awhile. I’d had earlier dreams where someone, a man, got into bed with me, tried to take my panties down, you know? But I woke and found I was holding them up so hard I’d given myself a wedgie.’

Anna’s nocturnal visitor returned the following night.

‘I wanted to wake; pinched myself on the arm and felt it. Thought, this isn’t a dream. This is really happening. But I was powerless to prevent him and he raped me. He raped me all night long. I wasn’t aware of him speaking, but he told me it didn’t have to be this way. I began to think I was schizophrenic or something. I had a cousin who was mentally ill and heard voices. Anyway, my rapist told me if I’d only stop struggling, he’d make it nice for me. Stop it hurting. I think I blacked out about then.’

When Anna woke next morning her breasts, belly and buttocks were covered in bruising and scratches. She was alone in her flat. All doors and windows were secure. No one could have been with her the previous night. She’d experienced the impossible.

As had Bobby C, who described his experience as follows:

‘I was laying on my bed when I felt this tingling in my leg. It moved up and down my thigh to my pelvis. It felt like hands, you know, gently stroking me. Then these movements went to my sex. It felt like someone was slowing stroking me, and that caused me to have an erection. I started having this out of breath sensation, but it was very comfortable. I felt someone breathing on my face, then this amazing, incredible sexual sensation started overwhelming me, at the same time I felt as I can only describe as a woman’s soft bottom sitting on my sexual area. It was such an intense sexual feeling that I caught myself moaning aloud. I couldn’t believe what was happening, then it slowly went away. A couple of hours later when I went to sleep, I had a dream where this short black haired women, very hot-looking appeared and we had intense sex, and the next morning I woke up with a ridged, tent-pole erection and spontaneously ejaculated all over the sheets.’

Bobby went on to say he spent the whole of the next day sexually aroused.

This initial experience was repeated almost nightly for the rest of the year. Bobby’s ‘short black haired women’ became bolder, more demanding on him both physically and spiritually. He lost his appetite. He felt used-up all the time. He experienced weight loss and he began to look sickly.

‘Still she came to me. She’d take my sex in her mouth or between her legs and sometimes the pleasure was so great I’d faint away. I was stiff all night long. It was like being in a state of perpetual ejaculation. She was draining me dry and there was nothing I could do to stop it.’

And Lila P described her own ‘first encounter’ in the bedroom:

‘I felt myself being kind of ‘lead’ to the bed where I lay down. I felt this air-like touch caress me gently all over. It moved to my breasts and stimulated my nipples. I was starting to enjoy the feeling. I felt pressure on my inner thighs and felt them being spread wide open. I don’t know if anyone else has experienced anything like this but when it ‘entered’ me it felt solid, like an actual penis, and it felt really warm. Its ‘penis’ was actually quite large and it hurt when it began to thrust. I feel so embarrassed telling this. I know it sounds like a really bad horror movie or novel or something but it’s what I experienced. Anyway what happened next was a mixture of pleasure (unlike any I’d ever felt before, and brain-rockingly powerful, too), and this intense pain in my privates. I thought for sure I had torn down there, it was that excruciating but I still felt well pleasured. This went on for at least 2 hours, and I must have cum a dozen or so times. Then when it finally stopped, I could feel the ‘presence’ had gone, left me alone – and so had any pleasurable feelings. I just had this extreme pain up inside. I was able to move again and felt around my privates. I put my hand under the beside lamp to see blood all over it. I immediately went to wake up my sister-in-law; once she saw the state I was in she called an ambulance. I had to have twelve stitches, it was that bad.’

And George T explained:

‘This thing had sex with me and was done. I don’t remember much about the sex, I was aware it was happening but the whole time my face was buried in the pillow and I was trying to understand what was going on. I must have drifted off back to sleep, when I woke up an hour later all was normal. Or so I thought. Then when I got out of bed I became aware of intense discomfort around my anus and all this gooey muck started spilling out of me. I couldn’t believe it. It was cum. I’d been raped…’

All the above individuals have the same thing in common, boys and girls, they’ve been visited by either an Incubus or Succubus, or a plain old sex demon. “Oh, come on,” I hear you cry. “What’s happening is just a really, really good wet dream! Either that or they’ve all got over active imaginations. Wish fulfillment, probably, hence all the touchy-feely dreams of violation…”

Ummm, perhaps. But throughout history mankind has believed in spirits of this sort, night fiends that visit men and women to torment their dreams and engage in sexual congress. Incessant carnal performance can lead to potentially fatal fatigue. Montague Summers confirmed that Incubus, the male demon, could in fact father a child on one of its unsuspecting victims. Such off-spring are themselves either demons, or the most powerful of witches.

So be warned, boys and girls, and take care who you invite into your bed. And girls, if a stray male enters your dreams uninvited, wants sex with you, make sure he wears a condom! Safe sex is best sex. Don’t be like poor Pauline F who woke beside her hubby one dark November night…

‘It was around 3am when I woke feeling the bed shimmering now and then. I dismissed the sensation and lay back down. I felt it again, and again. Then I felt something slip next to us, over to my hubby Brian, then settling down for a moment. I fell back asleep. But then woke again to some serious movement, shimmering, and a rhythmic movement like a slow erotic massage. All I know, was I felt this intense sexual arousal. I felt over to Brian, and noticed a shaking, then I lifted up the blankets, and got the flashlight from beneath the bed, and I saw his stiff penis being moved around, his scrotum being tugged about, I saw his hips being slightly lifted up, and moved around. He was sound asleep, mind, but this thing, whatever it was, seemed to be having oral sex with him. What could I do? I shook him awake, and he was rather upset that I’d disturbed him, and he told me to stop playing around with his you-know- what. I shook my head in disbelief, and said, sweetie, it wasn’t me…’

Pauline went back off to sleep only to awake again at around 4am as her hubby ejaculated copious amounts of sperm over the bedding and her left arm.

‘His penis just kept jerking and jetting out cum. I’d never seen anything like it before. It went on and on like it would never stop. And he was still fast asleep, while it was happening, he was sleeping, so I started yelling at him. I mean it was frightening. I grabbed his shoulders and his spunk went over my nightie and my privates. Thankfully he woke at that point. You made me cum, he accused. No, sweetie, I didn’t. You just shot off everywhere. Look at it all. I’m soaking…’

And it was on that night, so Pauline suggests, that she conceived her first child, Rosemont.

‘I think it was his cum over my lady parts that did it. I’m certain of it. Whatever sucked him off, let him shoot on me, and, consequently, gave me the baby…’

I have to say, the practice of sex magic can attract demons of this sort. It is best to protect yourself. Use the power of the Goddess. Spells or potions. Laugh at it, make a joke of it. They feed on negativity, loneliness, hatred, and, of course, fear. Fill your home with joy. Spiritually cleanse your room or house, blocking out the darkness.

And don’t forget what I said about the condoms. Always have a good supply at hand. Better safe than sorry…