Children of Judas

January 31, 2015


A clan of evil vampires found (not if you have any sense they’re not; you’d keep well away!) in Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, noted for their red hair. They are considered the worse species of the undead in the Balkan’s; the spawn of Judas Iscariot, they can drain a victim with a single bite or kiss. The scaring of their bite forms the shape of XXX, denoting the thirty pieces of silver received by Judas in payment for his betrayal of Christ.

They do not make good travelling companions, nor should you try chatting them up in some run-down hotel bar in Romania. They are crap in bed; trust me on this, boys & girls. And believe me when I say, it will not be a case of love at first bite. They are, need I mention it, imperishable.

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