Where there’s a woman….

February 2, 2015


Where there is a woman, there is magic…

Fairy tales…

February 2, 2015


Fairy tales often taste like the dreams of mad children…


How many hours….?

February 2, 2015


How many hours, among the happiest of my life, have I spent in the dusty, damp or dismal purlieus of second-hand bookshops, where mummified silverfish, faded pressed flowers and very occasionally love letters are to be found in books long undisturbed on their shelves. With what delight do I find the word ”scarce’’ pencilled in on the flyleaf by the bookseller, though the fact that the book has remained unsold for years, possibly decades, suggests that purchasers are scarcer still.

Theodore Dalrymple

Is he Batman…?

February 2, 2015