Homage to the Nine Hags

February 4, 2015


The first hag lives under a lake.
Out of her cauldron all things flow:
song, love, destruction.

The second is comely, her eyes beckon.
Who enters once her dark gateway
will never return his own man.

The third hag is mother to monsters.
Long years she suckles them, lulls their sleep:
their time will come when the world ends.

The fourth hag is a wave of the sea.
Her hair is spindrift; her singing calls up storms;
she laughs to see ships sink.

The fifth hag likes to ride by night
through marsh and briar, spurring the naked man
bridled by sleep.

The sixth hag stalks in the wood.
The wild beasts take suck from her.
Her gaze is madness.

The seventh is a standing stone,
cool and pitted.
Around her flanks, the wind whines.

The eighth loves the place of battle;
The smell of blood excites her.
Like a croaking raven, she wheels over the field.

The ninth is old; she is a clothmaker.
Intricately she weaves the threads;
one by one, she snips them.

Gillian Spraggs



February 4, 2015


I have an absurd need to visit places I can’t even imagine.

Want to feel safer…

February 4, 2015


reasons for sex


February 4, 2015



So great was the witches’ knowledge that in 1527, Paracelsus, considered the ‘father of modern medicine,’ burned his text on pharmaceuticals, confessing that he ‘had learned from the Sorceress all he knew.

Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English
Witches, Midwives, & Nurses

In my body….

February 4, 2015


“In my body and in my soul I realized that I greatly needed sin, I needed lust, vanity, the striving for goods, and I needed the most shameful despair to learn how to give up resistance, to learn how to love the world, to stop comparing the world with any world that I wish for, that I imagine, with any perfection that I think up; I learned how to let the world be as it is, and to love it and to belong to it gladly.”

Hermann Hesse


February 4, 2015


I think libraries are more vital now than they have ever been. And whatever form books take in the centuries and millennia to come, we will always need librarians.

Neil Gaiman

One view of the church….

February 4, 2015