Like a Magpie…

February 22, 2015


Like a magpie, I am a scavenger of shiny things: fairy tales, dead languages, weird folk beliefs, fascinating religions, and more…

Laini Taylor
Lips Touch: Three Times

Frigid Woman…

February 22, 2015


The concept of the ‘frigid woman’ was invented to explain why women were resisting this change in men’s sexual expectations [the expectation that they actively enjoy and willingly engage in intercourse] and was used as a weapon to worry women into compliance. The sexologists did not suddenly take a humanitarian interest in maximizing women’s sexual response. Rather they took an interest in quelling feminism and women’s critique of men’s sexual behaviour by eliciting from women a sexual response the sexologists believed to be intrinsically linked with total surrender to men’s power and dominance.

Sheila Jeffreys
The Spinster and Her Enemies

Really sexy, sexy photo…

February 22, 2015

MoMAPS1 Lara Favaretto:Just Knocked Out

See that? There’s still space on the shelves for MORE books!

Inside me…

February 22, 2015


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February 22, 2015


Witchcraft and Wicca….

February 22, 2015


Witchcraft and Wicca (one of the major forms of witchcraft) both derive their names from the Anglo-Saxon words for wisdom: Witch is from the old English word witta, meaning wise, and the Wicca were the Wise Ones.

Witchcraft is said to be the oldest religion in the world. It is the indigenous shamanistic religion of Europe that has, in spite of ferocious persecution from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries, survived in the folk traditions of many lands and through families who kept alive the old beliefs and worship of the Earth and Moon Mother.

Not so many centuries ago our ancestors burned Yule logs at Christmas as a symbolic gesture to bring warmth and light back into the world on the mid-winter solstice at the darkest time. They danced around the May pole on May morning, the beginning of the old Celtic summer, to stir into life the earth energies in a sacred spiral pattern…

Today, however, to many modern societies have lost the sacred connection and scorn such gestures as superstition, treating the skies, the Earth and the seas merely as a larder, fuel store and garbage can…

(In the past) the Earth was respected as the sacred mother, giver of life and crops, to whose womb the dead returned…(the changing seasons) linking all life to the cycles of nature. So if we are to use magic in a positive way, we must remember it brings responsibility along with benefits.

Cassandra Eason
A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magick Spells

Ways of seeing….

February 22, 2015


Every city has a sex and an age which have nothing to do with demography. Rome is feminine. So is Odessa. London is a teenager, an urchin, and in this hasn’t changed since the time of Dickens. Paris, I believe, is a man in his twenties in love with an older woman.

John Berger
Ways of seeing

To me London is a tired old whore wrapped in a cloak of materialism and greed…


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February 22, 2015


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February 22, 2015


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February 22, 2015