As memorable as possible…

April 3, 2015


The day was slowly dying. Street lamps were coming on along the main road, circles of yellow that eat into the gathering gloom. The house stood well back from the road, at the end of its own curving gravel drive.

Yvonne de la Lune was taller than me. She had frizzy, tobacco-coloured hair and freckles with wide, dark eyes and long, brightly-varnished, red-fingernails. She was a dominatrix by nature and profession. Just now she was wearing a full-bodied, black-leather cat-suit that clung like a second skin to her long body.

‘You know why you’re here?’ she asked.

I did. I had agreed to this bondage session with my then girlfriend Leonie. It was the “price” she’d demanded from me. In return she’d promised to forgive my recent transgressions with a young woman at a friend’s birthday party. This “betrayal” had occurred while Leonie had been away visiting relatives, but she’d heard about it from a friend on her return and been less than pleased…

I felt totally ashamed of myself.

Leonie had planned the “punishment” session with Yvonne. It’d be a ninety minute session, and I would pay the £250 for it in advance. I did not know what the session would include –

‘I have four long term slaves,’ Yvonne said to me. One of them stood naked beside a formica-topped table nearby. He was slightly overweight, with thick, wide shoulders and a cock hanging between his legs like a rubber truncheon. ‘I like eager, obedient boys who aim to satisfy my every whim. Are you eager?’ she asked.

I was unable to answer. I had been trussed up naked like the Christmas turkey with a penis gag in my mouth.

‘You don’t know what’s to happen to you today, do you? Leonie has been deeply hurt by you, by your sluttish behavior. She wants you to experience punishments that will scar your memory, leave an enduring impression and serve as a constant reminder of what pain unfaithfulness causes.’

She fingered my limp cock. I felt it stir, stiffen. She stroked, teased gently. Her face was close to mine and I caught a faint smell of garlic and spices on her breath. Carefully she slipped my foreskin down as far as she could get it, exposing the swollen head.

‘Oh, I’m going to have your balls snapping like castanets,’ she said. As if to demonstrate the truth of this, she slapped them violently with the palm of her right hand. I lurched, tears of pain in my eyes. ‘That’s nothing, believe me. What your Leonie has planned for you…” She laughed, shaking her head. ‘You’ll never forget it!’

I watched helplessly as she pulled on a pair of thick leather gloves. She picked up a Marks & Sparks carrier bag from the floor. ‘See what I have here? And just for you…Only you.’ Reaching into the bag she pulled out a handful of greenery.

Realisation gradually dawned. I recognised the handful of plants as Urtica dioica, stinging nettles…

‘Freshly picked by my slaves earlier today. Just for you.’ She smiled cruelly. ‘The little hairs on them are like needles. Touch them, they inject histamine, acetylcholine, and formic acid into your skin. Itchy, painful stings. And I’m going to use them to wank you…Rub that stiff cock with them.’

I struggled. I wrenched at my bonds. But it was useless. She wrapped a handful of nettles round my cock and gently caressed it. She crushed the nettles against the exposed glans paying special attention to the meatus, the eye.

‘Isn’t that nice,’ she whispered. ‘You’re so nice and stiff.’ She rubbed the shaft then cupped my balls with her nettles. She discarded them after a minute or so and picked up a fresh handful.

At first there was no pain. But then as the white speckly rashes grew on sensitive skin, it irritated and burned like hell. After ten minutes my cock looked impossibly inflamed and swollen –

‘Because of where the stings are,’ she said gently. ‘It’ll probably take a couple of days for the irritation to go. But you’ll never forget it…’ She discarded the nettles in a wicker wastebasket. ‘The head of the penis is wonderful, isn’t it? So rich in nerve endings. So erogenous…’

She dug long finger nails into tender flesh and I choked on the gag filling my mouth. She was merciless. Tears of pain spilled down my cheeks. I wanted to beg, but instead made this terrible snorting noise through my nose, and a phlegmy rattling in my throat.

‘The frenulum is so sensitive, isn’t it…?’

The way her nails dug and pinched made me want to scream. I’d never experienced pain like this before.

‘You know, sweet Leonie instructed me to rape you. But I thought it a better idea to have my slaves do that. She agreed.’ Yvonne held up a condom and a tube of Deep Heat. ‘They’ll all wear these,’ she said. ‘And we’ll use the Deep Heat as a lubricant. Give you a nice burny- burny feeling where the sun don’t shine…’ She glanced over her shoulder at the naked man behind her. ‘We need to get him face down.’

I noticed then that three more nude males had entered the room. The first took hold of my shoulders and turned me roughly. His fingernails had been heavily chewed. He was very strong and his cock now was jutting stiffly; he’d obviously enjoyed watching my ordeal.

‘That’s it, face down.’ She came to the head of the bench. I watched as she squeezed Deep Heat onto her slender fingertips and thumb. ‘I’ll lube you up, don’t worry. You won’t have to take them dry. We want to make this as memorable as possible for you…’

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