April 7, 2015


One boring March evening
my parents were
trying to think
of something
to do since
Dad was sober
for a change
they decided to fuck.
At that moment
I got an idea
I wrestled with it
said, Ok, fuck, I’ll try it.
That was in December.
Now we’re in May
& still don’t know
what to do. I wish television
existed in 1949.
It would’ve been Bilko
instead of me
and you’d be doing something
else right now.
You understand my problem
I suppose. Why this?!
and the leaves shake
it’s getting light again
that’s how it always starts
—you get caught up again.
Memories are for lovers
but I really don’t know one
who isn’t like my mother
really telling the same story
over & over again
until someone decides
to leave home. If Mom left town
the kids would have a house.
All the runaway notes
I left in childhood
were just substitutes
for Mom will you please leave.
But here I am getting
caught up in my own story.
I need a teevee
or to be in a series
—Lesbian Mother
a cute thirty-five year old woman
living with her collected kids
in a covered wagon
turning them onto booze
& shit. A very human drama.
To be very real you have to be
full of shit. Like the
streets. Why don’t you run for Mayor
you slob, and clean this
town up! I’m very embarrassed for us.
I won’t bring my kids
up in this mess.

Eileen Myles

Cat Lovers

April 7, 2015


Sleepy and yawning,
An invasion of
The lazy erotic of cat.

The lazy erotic of cat;
A duvet dimpled with furry paws,
A request for breakfast
Hidden clause.

Hidden claws
But never minding
And perfectly timing
Winding and winding

Wandering winding
Around the bed
Nothing occurring.

Nothing occurring,
Sleepy and yawning
Saturday morning.


How is the sigil made?

April 7, 2015


First, we have to consider what we want. At this stage it is not always easy to determine whether the desire is an aspect of the true will or whether it expresses some egoistic need. In the latter case, the sigil will not realize; in the former, it will attach itself to the subconscious forcestream of the universal will, and manifestation is just a matter of time. Basically, sigils can be made for all kinds of desire.

All desire, whether for pleasure, knowledge, or power, that cannot find ‘natural’ expression, can by sigils and their formula find fulfilment from the subconsciousness.” (Austin Osman Spare, The Book of Pleasure)

There are several methods of constructing sigils; the oldest of them is probably the shamanic method. A shaman might go out into the wilderness to find the tools for some specific sorcery. Concentrating on his aim and singing power songs, he will travel in a trance state as the spirits lead him, and collect all objects that catch his attention in a special way. Some of them might be used for some symbolic meaning, while others would carry no meaning at all; that is, to the reasoning mind. These items would be gathered, blessed, joined and buried in a special place.

Jan Fries
Visual Magic