This animal act…

May 23, 2015


“I thought to myself how we were so wrapped up in this animal act, that he couldn’t care less about his tea shop business, and I couldn’t care less about my job.

That’s real sex that is, real passion: where you abandon all your boringly sensible thoughts, and all that tediously responsible side of yourself, as you give yourself to what you know really matters more, deep in the core of you: frantic sex.”

Fiona Thrust
Naked and Sexual



My sister-in-law has new breasts
and we travel to see them.

What do you think? she says
as I hold her tighter to me than is normal
to check the resilience
(they are on the hard side).
She paid three grand for them or
as she would prefer
1500 quid each –
they seem to have separate identities.
She wears a tight halter-top
and in the pub she practices resting them on the table.

Ifor Thomas


May 23, 2015


This evening as the planet pulled away
the sun waved like a fond old friend
glimpsed for the last time from a leaving train:
that last look back before the train turns out
and gathers speed and plunges into night.

Stella Davies


May 23, 2015



More good advice…

May 23, 2015


The first…

May 23, 2015



‘We all get caught by those odd, unexpected and embarrassing moments,’ Dee said softly. ‘I remember one time at a friend’s engagement party. There was this girl, Fenella, very pretty face she had, but largish body, you know? Especially round the backside. She worked in page planning at the local newspaper. She was quite drunk, but that didn’t matter so much, because she was staying the night. About two in the morning she rolled off to bed.

‘The house we were in belonged to Clara’s parents. Clara was my friend Tom’s fiancé. Anyway. Tom was very good looking, you know. A hunk. Very fit. So by about three of the AM we were all tucked up in our respective beds.

‘But not Fenella. Drink had turned her feral. She was tiptoeing about in the dark, a plump predator with sex on her mind. She went into Tom’s bedroom. He was sleeping, naked, on his back. Fen gently eased the sheets off his man parts, crouched over him and began to suck and stroke his flaccid dick. It stiffened. She took it fully into her mouth…

‘Tom woke with an outraged cry of shock – so loud he woke the whole, extensive household! People rolled from bed to see what had happened. What disaster had overtaken Clara’s “nice young man”. Imagine their shock when confronted by a totally nude and gobbling Fenella, desperately clinging to Tom’s nether regions like a sex-obsessed limpet! While Tom vainly tried to tear her off his throbbing “old man”, simultaneously swearing and cursing at her.

‘Angela and I grabbed an ankle each, and pulled Fen across the bed. Tom’s cock stretched with the vacuum of her mouth at first, but then came free, finally, from her fiercely puckered lips. There was a God-almighty crash as Fen fell off the edge of the bed onto the carpet. She rolled around, legs akimbo, cursing at us. She rose unsteadily to her feet, great breasts swaying. She was determined to “have at” her cowering victim yet again…

‘Eventually about five of us managed to get her out of Tom’s bedroom and into her own room. Unfortunately for poor Fenella, come Monday morning news of what had happened was all round her place of work. She was totally humiliated…A double humiliation.’

‘End of the world,’ I muttered. I was smoking a joint the size of one of King Kong’s fingers. ‘Everything’s a mess. Nothing but text messages and mobile phones, downloadable tears and canned laughter. Violence is the new orgasm…’

‘I’m sure Fenella thought it was “the end of the world”, yes. It was all down to the demon drink and a head full of sexual fantasies.’

Listening to Dee’s husky voice in the dimly lighted back parlour, it was easy to believe I was lying in a bubble-bath beside Marlene Dietrich somewhere in Berlin, circa 1930. She was my prophet, priestess. The sleek beauty filling the void of me…

‘I remember,’ I said, ‘My girl friend Sam. One lunchtime she stood up to leave a packed Wimpey restaurant and as she did so her skirt fell down. It was suddenly round her ankles. She stood there in a pair of white panties with these silly pink elephants on them. She was just so shocked. I helped her pull the skirt up and then we buggered off sharpish.

‘Another time I was outside her place of work, an office building in Lyon Road. I picked her up for lunch at one daily. But this particular day I waited and waited. It was almost half-past when Geraldine, one of the women Sam worked with, came out to see me. Apparently Sam had managed to get her hand stuck in the sanitary towel dispenser in the ladies loo. They were waiting for an engineer to arrive to release her. She wouldn’t be making lunch. It was all very embarrassing for her.’

‘What about you, Peedeel? What’s your most embarrassing moment?’Dee asked.

‘I don’t have any. Not that I can repeat here…’