Theda Bara

August 31, 2015


Comical now in a cynical age sacred cow
her wrist-on-forehead emotiveness
but then, back then,
a kohl-eyed destroyer of men;

a sepia-shadow skull for screen.
Cloaked, serene, swaying
mesmerizing her prey the audience.

Eyelids shivering, definition of vamp originator of vamp
captivating w. caprice & coy canter of the lips
the bumbling heroes dumbly tripping
over chivalry’s empty scabbards.

Remorse-she has none for romance what motives then?
her face a gatling gun of mirrors taking in adulatory gazes
like bullets to fire back their own naivety
reflecting the depths
of their sacrifice along every inch
of trajectory.
She so brassy shell; loaded & cocked to snip mien.

Addict’s hooded stare starting to snood the diffluent eyelines.
Broad cleft chin & brutal lips preparing bourd or boutade

blanked by statements in exclamation marks.
black frame sentence in white gilt.
played out to insane piano.
an entire ethos feagued in a decade to foreclose.

from slim, pallid Cigarette smouldering
she will go east as emollient Salome
igniting w. a dance of the seven veils
men compelled to throw
their hair to her fire.

Divine precursor to feminist desire (or feminine paregoric)
taking hold where it hurt the most
even before most knew where that was
& what they’d lost
Was something not in the can
Theodosia’s ‘arab death’ became theirs too.

Steve Harris

Yet another Mind enriching post from:
Peedeel’s Blog
smut, literature,
voodoo, hoodoo &
so much more!

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