A Jar of Honey

September 12, 2015


When Ra’s tears fell to
Earth they became bees, every-
one knows that, fanning
out among glades and into
the throats of flowers; evo-
lution was saved, as a temple-
priest might say, nodding wisely
to the biologist; but why

was a hawk-god crying, out
there in the cold acres of space;
was it the man trying to tear off
the bird’s face, unable to bear
the rictus any longer; were the
bees a message that was mis-
understood as the first men scraped
honey from hives in the ur-wood.

John Barnie

(John Barnie was born and raised in the market town of Abergavenny. He has published published several collections including Sea Lilies: Selected Poems 1984 – 2003 for Seren. His work has appeared in a wide variety of journals and anthologies and has won a Welsh Arts Council Prize for literature. He has toured throughout the UK and abroad, reading his poems and playing guitar in a number of blues and poetry bands. Previously editor of the influential cultural magazine, ’Planet: The Welsh Internationalist” he is now a freelance writer, based in Aberystwyth)

Pushes my legs open…

September 12, 2015



Then she is on me. Her soft, hot body collapses onto my own ravenous frame. She pushes my legs open with her knees and pulls my arms above my head with her hands, holding me a willing hostage. For one long moment we are eye to eye. Her breasts press down into my nipples, goading them but offering no release, and then her lips come crashing down on mine. She kisses me as though she already owns me; exploring my mouth with her tongue, dragging it aggressively from one side of my lips to the other.

Felicity Brandon
Customer Service

Yes, yes, you must…

September 12, 2015


Pause around the open lips…

September 12, 2015


“It is important to warm and caress every portion of the curved surface, into the groove and up over the base of the spine. Pause around the open lips of the vagina to see if she is wet and, if so, she is ready for the first strike. Spanking is sexual, sensual, erotic. It has absolutely nothing to do with causing pain. It is about ultimate pleasure.”

Chloe Thurlow
Being a Girl

Caring and spanking…

September 12, 2015


“I wouldn’t do this if i didn’t care, but you mean everything to me, and if this is what you need, then this is what you’ll get. But we’re damned well going to work on changing this association between caring and spanking.”

Cherise Sinclair
The Dom’s Dungeon


September 12, 2015


Any man in the company of two woman is outnumbered four to one however amiable they may be.

Kingsley Amis
The Old Devils

Proud Cock

Proud Cock

Dee in black silken underwear.

Dee in black silken underwear.

Gabriella, Peedeel and Dee at play.

Gabriella, Peedeel and Dee at play.

God, my cock was stiff. So much tugging and pulling. Edging me to the lip of a feckin’ limitless abyss…

Yesterday, PM, Dee was in total BITCH mode. She wanted to tease, deny, and generally fuck someone over.

Hey, and guess what? I was ready to hand, wasn’t I!

So, I’m starkers on the bed, secured to same by ankles and wrists. She starts to slow wank me – Oh, and I have these SOOOO good, “yes please feelings” washing over me – like being tuned in to radio ECSTASY FM just before Armageddon. Maybe ten minutes she does this. Then I begin to tense, drifting towards the spunky inevitability of orgasm.

Dee stops. She walks across the room. Sits in the armchair beside the window. Picks up a copy of Cosmo and thumbs through it. She sips her drink. The perfect Alpha female in black, silken underwear. She talks about purchasing a new oven – she’s seen a Bosch that’s ‘Simply perfect!’

‘Will it fit the kitchen unit?’ I ask, joining her silly game, trying to ignore my throbbing knob, like the hero I am.

‘Yes, I’ve checked that. Same size as the old one.’ Matter of fact, business-like. Dee is a labyrinthine tangle at times. Inscrutable.

‘Okay, fine. We could get that – ’

She returns to the bed, takes gentle hold of my cock. She takes the foreskin down as far as it’ll go, exposing the head glistening with precum. She tugs down on the foreskin, as if trying to get it to pull even further back. I moan, quietly, surprised by this. She “polishes” the head with the palm of her left hand, a slow rotary movement that takes my breath away. And I know I’m going to shoot my loan…

But no. Wishful feckin’ thinking on my part. Dee let it go just prior to zero hour.

Gabriella arrived home a little after six. She stuck her head round the bedroom door. She rolled her eyes. ‘You two are insatiable, you know that?’

‘I’ve had a shite day,’ Dee replies, coolly. ‘This is my compensation. He’s my scapegoat.’

‘Whatever,’ Gabby shrugs. ‘What’s for dinner?’

‘We’re eating out. Peedeel’s treat.’

‘I was going to do vegetable tagine,’ I said, all helpless absurdity.

‘I need meat,’ Dee said. ‘Lots of red meat. I feel like a carnivore today. I want to pick bones clean with my teeth.’

‘Yeah,’ Gabby agreed. ‘I could murder a steak, to be honest.’

‘Okay, okay.’ I give way to Dee’s ice-hearted mood. I always do.

‘Will we get a table okay?’ Gabby asked. ‘Have you booked?’

‘Not yet. But I’ll phone in a mo.’ And then her voice husky low like a cold blooded mother, Dee said, ‘I’ve got a little something for Peedeel. It’s a lovely pink cock cage. It’s designed to keep a man in chastity, you know? Locks over his you-know-what. Stops him playing with it. I’m going to edge him a few more times, then lock him away until Monday evening.’


‘Because I can.’

‘Why not lock him away for a fortnight? Or a month?’

Dee smiled. ‘Now there’s an idea…’

The two women, giggling like conspiratorial schoolgirls, whispered together. Gabriella opened the top draw of Dee’s bedside cabinet. She lifted out a small pink silicone penis cage.

‘I got it online last month,’ Dee said. ‘It’s designed to prevent erections.’ It was about four inches in length with a small brass padlock and key. ‘It’s hypoallergenic. The open end means he can still pee – but nothing else. It totally prevents penis growth. A very clever device.’

‘Every home should have one of these.’

‘I didn’t consent to this,’ I said. My gathering anger like a whirlpool beneath the normally placid surface of me. I was a man suddenly breathing water.

‘You did, though,’ Dee replied. ‘I said, ‘Can I play with you?’ – ‘Yes,’ you said. I said. ‘Can I tie you down?’ ‘Sure, if you want,’ you replied. That’s consent in my book.’

‘It is,’ Gabriella agreed.

‘Not for wearing that bloody thing!’ I was beginning to get very pissed at them. Dee stood, her face blank as stone. ‘I didn’t agree to that!’ I repeated to her.

‘Okay,’ she said quietly. ‘Then I’ll stop edging you, and take the cage off when you use the safeword.’

‘What safe word? We didn’t decide one.’

‘I did, though. You’ve got to guess what it is, if you want out. Like in the story of Rumpelstiltskin. Only I don’t think you’ll guess in a million years.’ A sly world we occupy. One that closed down on me abruptly, trapping me. ‘Get the feather…’

Gabriella removed a long black bird’s feather from the drawer. She waved it in the air. Dee, smirking like lady death, took hold of my semi-erect cock and stroked it to full, throbbing tumescence. Then, using a two handed grip, she pulled the foreskin down with so much force it felt as if my frenulum must tear. ‘Pleeeease…’ I managed, between clenched teeth. Then Gabby started tickling the very moist glans with the tip of the feather. The stretching of my frenulum and Gabby’s actions with the feather rapidly took me to the edge. My eyes felt suddenly swollen. My arse started to rise from the bed…

Dee released her grip, and instead squeezed very hard on the area between shaft and glans. A milky bead of spunk appeared on the head of my cock. Pleasure dissipated in Dee’s inflexible and remorseless squeeze. My cock shrank and my heart became a racing watch.

Even before I was aware it was happening, they’d fitted the silicone chastity device to my now flaccid penis. I was caged and locked. The rank grimace on my face was blunted by the stony wall of their obvious indifference.

‘We need to shower and change,’ Dee said, ‘if we’re going to eat tonight.’

‘That looks so funny on you,’ Gabriella remarked. ‘All pink and girly. Why don’t you wear your pink shirt tonight Peedeel? It’ll remind us what’s going on in your pants.’

Laughing, the pair abandoned me. They went to the bathroom. I heard the sound of the power shower. In the window greyness was turning to darkness: the world gradually losing its colour. While on the bed my aching cock was tightly, irrevocably enclosed in pink silicone…