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September 17, 2015

Druid's Handbook to the Spiritual Power of Plants by Jon Hughes


September 17, 2015


there was no first line in the dream – and
i don’t remember seeing a title
– but
of a sudden, i’m walking from the house
where i was a child and the daylight is
and i expect i’m going – i don’t know –
maybe up the alley to station road – or
maybe i’m going to the library…
the next thing i know it is as if i’ve
awoken – and opening my eyes in the
same dream
i am utterly lost – also, it is quite frighteningli
in my dream, i am thinking in my dream, i
must have fallen asleep and just kept right
on walking…and now i’m lost and it’s
not nice at all
there’s a whole scramble of mixed up stuff
with stuff and funny stuff and the plot pro-
like a butterfly going somewhere important
trying to eat a banana at the same time…

the bus that turns a dream corner (fortunately
i have just the correct dream change in my
dream trousers’ pocket) to take me back to
morning is
going to where i live these days – a million miles
away from where the dream begun –
and i awake convenientli enough in the bed
i went to sleep in…

how we have no idea
how very lost we are…

(Ghost-poet exists in those last fragile moments between night and dawn where language is fluid and the djinni cross over from the unseen world to inspire and interact with humanity, especially those possessing “sight”. Without gender, without clear distinction, Ghost-poet has been known to sing in the shower, and travels about ceaselessly).

they haunt mists…

September 17, 2015


The spirits of Faerie are the earthbound Celestial Host, corresponding in many ways with their heavenly brethren , but making their habitation instead amid the Green Round of Nature and the elements, hence their appellation ‘fallen’. They inhabit the land, waters and airs, assuming a multitude of forms, some of terrible and unearthly beauty. A considerable number are directly allied unto the Green Dominion and stand as guardians of worts, trees, and groves. In general the places of their dwelling are far from the habitations of Adam’s race.

Whilst their presence in nature is consistent, their perceived forms are not: they inhabit the shifting margins of the waking sensorium, revealing themselves at such times as local orientation is disrupted; they haunt mists and take the forms of spectral lights, shadows, men, women, beasts or plants; or the pareidolic co-mingling of these forms with others of Nature. Their appearance unto mankind is often preceded by sudden fatigue, intoxication , or inexplicable rapture; and lore relates that some among them first appear in water, as beautiful men and women emerging from lakes and springs. Though of an infinitely wise nature, the numerous taboos and superstitions governing their appeasement testify to the Faerie Host’s capacity for malice. This liminal domain of manifestation is subject to its own laws of governance, bound by the Hidden Virtue and the Queen of Elphame herself, and cannot be traversed by the artifices of mankind. Thus the audience of Elphame is granted on its own terms, usually without expectation, and is frequently attended by high danger.

Daniel Schulke
Viridarium Umbris

many wicked things…

September 17, 2015


A certain accused party voluntarily confessed that he belonged to a sect of ‘Masked Ones’ (masci) or workers of harmful magic (malefici). He inculpated other men and women, saying that they were members of the same sect, that they went about at night, and that at places where three roads or four roads meet, or at the junction of roads, they would go running about all over the place, doing many wicked things. Because of this man’s disposition, the inquisitor into heretical depravity arrested some women and imprisoned them. A number of them confessed, of their own free will, the things I have been describing and others of a like kind.

Amrosius de Vignate
Tractatus de hereticis