Batman Day…

September 26, 2015


Almost forgot. Today, Saturday 26th September, is BATMAN DAY! See HERE, boys and girls.


September 26, 2015


A silent but persistent tapping
at the door of her soul,
guilt gathering momentum
until shame beat at her lips
desperate to leave.
Her dumb mouth opened
like a beak, her body shook
with a will to release but
the words clung to her throat.
Tell me, destroy the power
of its grip on your heart.
Take the salt from your eyes
to your voice, let it wither and die.
She spat it out with a gust
of emotion and it was
nothing; a thorn of experience
disempowered the moment
it was given voice.
I did it by the book and
she was absolved, yet
I keep my thistles imprisoned,
ready for inspection
but safe from exposure.

Caroline England

(Caroline England was the founding co-editor of Pipeline magazine)

Reading today….

September 26, 2015


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I just can’t wait…It’s going to be a night to remember, boys and girls!