They are coming on purpose

October 5, 2015


There’s a liar under every coverage.
The papers say an immigrant
writes his own passport

and won’t eat anything English.
They are purposefully
relocating fish and chips to curry and curry to cottage pie.

How will we taste the streets of Britain?
Bombay stains
turmeric into concrete.

There are strangled busses all dressed
in foreign shades

of magenta and colours English eyes

can’t see.
Even worse, I can show you they are bad

and engineered into
planes and boats over here:

the breaking-point of toilets,

the hospitals in over-flowing foreign

and Nigel scares the HIV

of over-spending immigrants.

Britain’s filthy papers
force us to listen

to blame and blame

is an unnecessary evil.

Hilda Sheehan

(Hilda Sheehan’s poems have appeared on the BBC Website, the National Poetry Society Website, and in The Rialto, The New Writer and South magazines. She has performed poetry at Bath Literature Festival, Bath Poetry Café and Corsham Poetry Festival and the Troubadour in London. She is the founder and editor of Domestic Cherry magazine, BlueGate Poets and coordinates the Swindon Festival of Poetry. Her latest collection is “The Night My Sister Went to Hollywood” from Cultured Llama, 2013).

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