Punishing your woman…

November 4, 2015

Subtle, but very effective...!

Subtle, but very effective…!

Ode to My Cunt

November 4, 2015


Single pink flower

innocent until proven guilty

soft in waiting

Siren of Ocean’s wet song

loves to linger in

post cunnilingus bliss

inviting temptress of illusion:

Slayer, heed caution and

kneel before entering Devil’s Hollow

Cisiany Olivar

(Cisiany Olivar, born in the US, says she loves the Arts – music, dance, writing, painting, drawing. She loves reading horror anthologies, and owns “an amazing albino pitbull; the sweetest pup in the southwest”.)


November 4, 2015

Alva Bernadine_Doll

Women keep scales in their bedrooms;
men keep weights.
Women eat flaky pastries and sticky toffee pudding with cream;
men eat steaks.

Women worry about breasts, buttocks and cellulite on thighs;
men watch them.
Women read about colourful new ways of preparing fish;
men catch them.

Women go shopping for pleasure;
men don’t.
Women do their best to ignore cricket, golf, snooker and football;
men won’t.

Women are emotional and prone to flights of excess;
men are self-contained.
Women go to the toilet together in pubs;
men refrain.
Women write poetry straight from the heart;
men from the head.
Women like to recline on the grass in the sun;
men in bed.

Women write a thousand Christmas Cards
for men to post.
Women prepare turkey, gravy, bread sauce, stuffing, sprouts,
roast potatoes,
sausages wrapped in bacon, carrots and peas;
men make toast.

Women launch into long generalisations about men and women;
men say, ‘You’ll
come across exceptions.’
Which proves the rule.

Helena Nelson


Does my bum look big in this?
Is he brave enough to take the piss,
Or maybe opt for tactful route,
Of ” no babe no, your bum looks cute”,
No man dare tell it like it is,
Unless he has a big death wish,
Or silent treatment longer than lent,
To be bought up every argument,
Sex ban enforced, she’ll make you pay,
In each and every painful way,
So when she asks that fated line,
I would recommend you take your time,
When women ask about their butts,
Just think how much you love your nuts.

Jane dale

everyone else…

November 4, 2015


If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.

Haruki Murakami
Norwegian Wood


For the Punishment of an Unfaithful Lover:

One must buy a new candle and its price must not be haggled over.

Take the candle to the hearth with three pins and at midnight light the candle.

Heat then the point of each pin within the flame before sticking them into the candle whilst uttering the following words:

“Thrice is the candle broke by me, and thrice thy heart shall broken be.”

Gemma Gary

(Gemma Gary is a British Craft initiate and occultist, a writer, artist, illustrator and a trustee of ‘Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft’. Her written work explores witchcraft and folk magical traditions, often with a focus on these traditions as found in Devonshire and Cornwall. See HERE).


Sucking dick may not be top of your bucket list right now. But, hey, so what? That’s cool…

Yeah, except it doesn’t take long to realise that having his little fella slurped-on is A BIG DEAL for your man – almost topping his list of favorite sex fantasies (maybe a little below you in a gymslip, navy-blue knickers and white ankle-socks, or your old girl guide uniform giving him the come on).

There’s no better method to keeping your man faithful than regular head, so they say. Of course, as an act, it’s selfless. What are you getting out of it? Maybe later he’ll go down on you? Maybe he’ll give you a back rub? Maybe he won’t.

So, hey, you close your eyes and think of…of self-sacrifice. Or the outcome of the morning meeting you had in work with your boss, or washing out some underwear for tomorrow, or calling your sister about her recent dental work. You keep a firm grip round the base of his shaft, your head gently bobbing (don’t for Christsake nod off at this point, girls, that repetitive motion is very soporific), and sure you may be drooling like a St Bernard by now, but that’s all part and parcel of delivering good head.

A word of caution – watch your teeth, ladies. Sharp bicuspids ploughing the super-sensitive skin of the uncovered glans is a guaranteed passion-killer. Try to keep your teeth covered by your lips.

Oh, yeah, and when you’ve got your mouth full don’t try to talk. You’ll sound like some idiot child talking round a gob-stopper. And remember, it’s called a blow job, but you don’t blow…you don’t really suck either! Your mission should you accept it, is to reproduce in your mouth what takes place in you vagina during sexual intercourse…Sure, keep a tight grip on his erection and lick his glans like it was an ice cream sitting in a cone, and eventually he’ll cum. But in the main it’s the friction, the head rocking movement that’s going to get him there.

What about deep throat? Good question. It’s an art, and takes practice. You’ve got to overcome your gag reflex to begin with. Don’t practice on your man. There’s nothing more off putting to a man, than his woman doing an unexpected Technicolour yawn all over his cock. Believe me it’s yucky. Don’t go there.

Practice makes perfect – and you should practice on a courgette (zucchini), then a meaty cucumber or one of those fat long carrots. Organic dildos, all. Experiment with the different shapes and sizes and train your throat to control your gag reflex.

Now, avoiding all that crap, the most experienced of you girls, will give the sort of head that’s really more a handjob. You create the illusion that he’s got his cock crammed to the limit in your mouth, but in reality its just the glans between your lips, while your well lubricated hands enclose and rub the length of his cock. He’ll love every moment of this and will be at the point of no return in minutes.

Which brings us to the question of “to swallow or not to swallow”? Swallowing his load is okay – cum is 98% protein. It’s tasteless, slightly salty. Smells a little like bleach but slides down the throat like anchovies or clams. If the idea upsets, or seems too gross, then you can let it dribble “accidently” from the side of your mouth down his shaft. Best not to turn your head aside and spit it across the room either. Not very passionate, that.

You could, of course, keep his load in your mouth. Engage in a little cum swapping. Finish off with spermy French kisses. It’s one method of getting shot of his spunk out of your mouth – and putting it back where it originated!

Well, that’s it for now, boys and girls. Work awaits. It always does.

Stay safe.