A spell to punish an unfaithful lover…

November 4, 2015


For the Punishment of an Unfaithful Lover:

One must buy a new candle and its price must not be haggled over.

Take the candle to the hearth with three pins and at midnight light the candle.

Heat then the point of each pin within the flame before sticking them into the candle whilst uttering the following words:

“Thrice is the candle broke by me, and thrice thy heart shall broken be.”

Gemma Gary

(Gemma Gary is a British Craft initiate and occultist, a writer, artist, illustrator and a trustee of ‘Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft’. Her written work explores witchcraft and folk magical traditions, often with a focus on these traditions as found in Devonshire and Cornwall. See HERE).

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