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November 6, 2015

The Centurion's Servant 1914 by Sir Stanley Spencer 1891-1959

“Never sleep with someone whose troubles are worse than your own.”

Nelson Algren
A Walk on the Wild Side


November 6, 2015

should she swallow

A strain
A press
A groan
A desperate kiss
A grope in dim light
A men’s restroom
Two hands resting
Two hands restless
Searching and found
A mountain, a tent
Straining against clothes
Navy blue cargo shorts
Free yourself
Lose yourself
In a swirling of a tongue
A head tipping down a throat
A length all taken in and out
Then slipping and sliding
Then comes white spurts
A sweet release
A white noise

Clarice Alvarez

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November 6, 2015



While I’m a general fan of simple communication (‘fuck off’) to end relationships, sometimes that doesn’t work out. Spellwork can be a viable alternative.

I will say now that this spell is notenough to take care of an abusive relationship on its own. In this circumstance I recommend reaching out to friends and family, and as much personal protection as you can.

This is a simultaneous banishment, binding, and protection. Please closely follow all the directions.

• Two lengths of black thread or yarn, at least 12 inches long each.
• Two beads of different colors, one of which you will throw away (possible substitutions: action figures, yarn knots, scrap wax, etc – it doesn’t really matter what the items are).
• Scissors
• Glue (if desired)
• A tea light or other candle, or an electric light

Take one bead. This represents yourself. View your entire life as being contained in this bead. Name the bead: “This is me, [full name]. This bead represents me.”

Take the other bead. This represents the other person you wish to get rid of. Imagine the entirety of their lives within the bead. Name it:“This is [full name of the banished one]. This bead represents them.”

The thread is the bond that holds you two together.

Gently tie one end of the thread to your bead. Ensure that you can easily separate the thread from the bead. Say, “I am bound to [full name of the banished one]. We are tied together.”

Tie the other end of the thread to the second bead. Again ensure that the thread can easily be snipped off or untied. Say, “[Full name of the banished one] is bound to me. We are tied together.”

Observe the state of you two being bound together. This is not at all what you want – so take the scissors. Say, “the binding between myself and [full name of the banished one] will now be undone. It will be ended, by my power I will end it.”

Take the thread that connects the two beads, and simply snip it in half. Say:

“This binding is undone. This binding is ended. We are separated. We are together no more.”

The black thread is still tied to both beads. Take your bead and remove the black thread from it (untie the knot or cut with scissors). Say,“the remnants of [full name of the banished one] are no longer upon me. They no longer bother me. I am free.”

Do the same for the other bead. Say, “the remnants of my relationship with [full name of the banished one] are no longer upon them. He/she/they are freed. I no longer bother them.”

The banishing has been complete. Now the binding and protection begin, so a new connection cannot be made. First, bind:
Take the second length of black thread. Say, “this is a new binding for [full name of the banished one]. He/she/they will no longer be allowed to contact me in any way. He/she/they will no longer be allowed to harm me. He/she/they cannot bother me in any way, or else they will be constricted by these black bonds.”

Wrap the thread or yarn around the bead until you have only enough left to tie it off. If you wish, use glue to ensure the binding will never come free.

Say,“the new binding is complete.”

Take this bead and throw it away in your outdoors dumpster or trashcan. Ensure it does not remain in your home even a moment longer.

Begin the protection.

Take your bead to the light of the candle or other electric light. Hold it as close as you can the source without burning yourself. Say, “the light of this candle/bulb washes away all darkness that the nameless one left on me. I am purified by this light. The light of the candle/bulb protects me, just as the sun protects against shadows. I am protected from the nameless one. I am safe. I am protected and I am safe.”

Spend time near the candle or light for as long as you wish. When you are done, hold the bead and say:

“Your job is done. The magic has been cast. You no longer represent me. Thank you for your help.”

Put the bead in a little salt and let it sit, so any remnants of ‘you’ are washed away from it.

The spell is now complete. Eat a snack and watch a show.

Source HERE

Farting terms

November 6, 2015


There is such intimacy in sex,
Particularly sex with someone new,
Swapping spit with some one else,
Seems a strange thing to want to do,
Touching someone else’s skin,
The tingling feel of lust,
Their hands across your rising hips,
their lips upon your bust,
Fleeting waves of passion,
Joining mind body and soul.
Mad pursuit towards one goal,
Bonding, becoming whole,
Naked setting passion free,
Is vulnerable beyond belief,
But when we suffer from trapped wind,
We hold tight and grit our teeth,
If you can get on farting terms,
It brings such sweet relief,
Running out the room each time,
You want to let one go,
Or pinching cheeks together,
It’s difficult you know,
It takes more time ,if you care to linger,
Before you can say, hey, pull my finger,
And laugh together at the noise,
And appreciate, girls will be boys

Jane dale


November 6, 2015


Lick the salt
off his name.

He’s the stains
on waiter’s aprons.

He’s like roses
dying of their hope.

He smells shut in.

He just goes
around like that.

He smells shut in.

I must give him
my big whacks.

Tony Dash

(Tony Dash lives in Liverpool; With Brian Wake he was involved with starting the poetry magazines Matrix, Asylum and Driftwood Quarterly. His third collection of poetry, Epoch, is published by Driftwood.)

My Three Rivers

November 6, 2015


Grandfather stories
That river told me,
Ancient and fierce
From his broad chest
Hurried by strong tides
Crushing me against
His verdigris bank.

Mystery in that greyness,
An uncertain pulse
Beating by my side.
Softness flushing out
Earlier fears
As willow light shadows
My immature progress.

Alien at first
But soon a slow companion
Oozing muddy arms
To hold me captive
In a strange land
Where flat horizons
Are sunset light.

Lotte Kramer

(Lotte Kramer was born in Mainz, Germany, and came to England with Kindertransport in 1939. She began to write in 1970 and has published nine collections of poetry, the most recent Selected and New Poems 1980-1997(Rockingham Press) and in Germany Heimweh/Homesick, a bilingual edition of poems (Brandes & Apsel Verlag, Frankfurt a.M.). In 1999 she received a bursary from the Eastern Arts Board. A new collection, The Phantom Lane, was recently published by Rockingham Press. She has always said that there are three rivers she lays claim to, the Rhine, the Thames and the Nene.)

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November 6, 2015


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November 6, 2015

Floating Bedroom