How Many Times

November 13, 2015


No matter how many times I try I can’t stop my father
from walking into my sister’s room

and I can’t see any better, leaning from here to look
in his eyes. It’s dark in the hall

and everyone’s sleeping. This is the past
where everything is perfect already and nothing changes,

where the water glass falls to the bathroom floor
and bounces once before breaking.

Nothing. Not the small sound my sister makes, turning
over, not the thump of the dog’s tail

when he opens one eye to see him stumbling back to bed
still drunk, a little bewildered.

This is exactly as I knew it would be.
And if I whisper her name, hissing a warning,

I’ve been doing that for years now, and still the dog
startles and growls until he sees

it’s our father, and still the door opens, and she
makes that small oh turning over.

Marie Howe

(Marie Howe is an American poet. Her most recent poetry collection is The Kingdom of Ordinary Time.)

How To Disappear

November 13, 2015



First rehearse the easy things.
Lose your words in a high wind,
walk in the dark on an unlit road,
observe how other people mislay keys,
their diaries, new umbrellas.
See what it takes to go unnoticed
in a crowded room. Tell lies:
I love you. I’ll be back in half an hour.
I’m fine.

Then childish things.
Stand very still behind a tree,
become a cowboy, say you’ve died,
climb into wardrobes, breathe on a mirror
until there’s no one there, and practise magic,
tricks with smoke and fire –
a flick of the wrist and the victim’s lost
his watch, his wife, his ten pound note. Perfect it.
Hold your breath a little longer every time.

The hardest things.
Eat less, much less, and take a vow of silence.
Learn the point of vanishing, the moment
embers turn to ash, the sun falls down,
the sudden white-out comes.
And when it comes again – it will –
just walk at it, walk into it, and walk,
until you know that you’re no longer

Amanda Dalton

(Amanda Dalton is a poet and playwright. Her most recent collection is Stray. She was a Next Generation poet in 2004 and is currently Fellow in the Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University.)

Ritual and your altar

November 13, 2015


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The Game goes on

November 13, 2015


Here we go again…

November 13, 2015