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November 25, 2015


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November 25, 2015


The Dead Match Curse

November 25, 2015


This is a really, really practical curse, it is perfect for when an argument gets out of hand, when someone abuses their authority, or more especially when a relationship is imbalanced in decision making and when one partner is feeling mistreated, used or abused. Manipulate your manipulator to teach them a thorough lesson.

The expected results? Loss of energy and general desire to get shit done, an anti-energy spell if you like, they can’t do any manipulating if they are too weak to try.

The ingredients are simple:

Dead matches, the natural by-product of a busy witch. Lots of them, like handfuls of dead matches, depending on the size of your jars and how much you want to reprimand the victim.

Other possible ingredients: crappy old wax, incense ends and ash – which is bad for your anyway, cigarette butts, ashes from the fireplace, if you’re a kitchen-witch add bits of burnt food from the hob, paper with messages of intent (“stop being such an ass” or “listen to me” or “don’t abuse your power” etc.)

A big AIRTIGHT* jar and some smaller AIRTIGHT* jars. Either have them opaque or be ready to paint a sigil to keep things inside it.

Some string/ribbon and a paper label to put on the small jar.

A representation of the victim, hair or a signature or a picture etc. You know the drill…

Some spare energy of your own.

(*** you do not want this shit to escape, I have made this mistake myself. The contents of a nasty negative, energy-sapping jar is not something you want open and free to roam and wreak havoc.)
Before you start:

prepare yourself

prepare for backlash in any way you see fit (magic mirrors, absorbing poppets, motherfucking protection spells all over the place etc.)

prepare to cleanse yourself after the nasty business is done.


• Take that big ol’ jar, paint a sigil on the top, bottom, sides and inside of the lid to keep the nasty crap inside to fester. Do the same with some jars put aside for the purpose of this curse, make sure it’s securely sigil’ed and add any extra charms you so wish that you think would help.

• Keep the big ol’ jar in your working area, whenever you use a match, pop it in the jar and shut it again. You should begin to hoard a big ugly dump of dead matches.

• When the time is right and a victim presents themselves (after much humm-ing and ahh-ing as to whether they are worth depleting your match hoard!) take some of those dead matches out the jar and place them in one of the smaller jars. If you want them to suffer only a little bit (be a bit gloomy and glum) then only have a few matches, but if they deserve your utmost wrath, dump as much as you can in the smaller jar (expect mild depression and full blown lethargy.) Best time to do this spell is at dusk, so around evening-ish, check when sunset is locally.

• Add any other desired ingredients, like the burnt messages and the representation etc. When you’re ready. Recite aloud or in your head, perhaps add in full to the aforementioned label if saying things aloud ain’t your thing (like me):

You, (Subjects name), shall burn out,
lose all your spark.
Become worn and weary,
Dull, dim and dark.
Be useless, Be futile
In every endeavour,
May your melancholy
Seem ever endless.
Be hopeless, Be listless,
Be confused, Be lost,
May your confidence wither,
May your passions frost,
Be faint and weak,
In all that you try,
Until, you and I,
See eye to eye.

• If you haven’t already, seal the damn jar. Take the label and create a sigil on one side of it for the purpose of sustaining the spell, place your own energy in the sigil.

• On the other side, write:

Upon ripping the token,
This spell will be broken;
But only fulfilled,
If the spell caster wills.

• That means, if your victim learns their lesson in manipulation and abuse, you can break the spell as easily as ripping the label and chucking the jar in the bin.

• Place it on a high shelf and let it fester as it works (with the others, perhaps…) Don’t forget about it too much, check up on your victim regularly

Your curse is done, remember to clean up your space and yourself…

Source: The Witches Curse book

Dress of Fire

November 25, 2015


You know, she said, they made you
a dress of fire.
Remember how Jason’s wife burned in her dress?
It was Medea, she said, Medea did that to her.
You’ve got to be careful, she said,
they made you a dress that glows
like an ember, that burns like coals.

Are you going to wear it, she said, don’t wear it.
It’s not the wind whistling, it’s the poison
seeping in.
You’re not even a princess, what can you do to Medea?
Can’t you tell one sound from another, she said,
it’s not the wind whistling.

Remember, I told her, that time when I was six?
They shampooed my hair and I went out into the street.
The smell of shampoo trailed after me like a cloud.
Then I got sick from the wind and the rain.
I didn’t know a thing about reading Greek tragedies,
but the smell of the perfume spread,
and I was very sick.
Now I can see it’s an unnatural perfume.

What will happen to you now, she said,
they made you a burning dress.
They made me a burning dress, I said. I know.
So why are you standing there, she said,
you’ve got to be careful.
You know what a burning dress is, don’t you?

I know, I said, but I don’t know
how to be careful.
The smell of that perfume confuses me.
I said to her, No one has to agree with me,
I don’t believe in Greek tragedies.

But the dress, she said, the dress is on fire.
What are you saying, I shouted,
what are you saying?
I’m not wearing a dress at all,
what’s burning is me.

Dahlia Ravikovitch