The Lovers

November 27, 2015

The Lovers Konstantin Andreevic Somov

She is about to come. This time,
they are sitting up, joined below the belly,
feet cupped like sleek hands praying
at the base of each other’s spines.
And when something lifts within her
toward a light she’s sure, once again,
she can’t bear, she opens her eyes
and sees his face is turned away,
one arm behind him, hand splayed
palm down on the mattress, to brace himself
so he can lever his hips, touch
with the bright tip the innermost spot.
And she finds she can’t bear it —
not his beautiful neck, stretched and corded,
not his hair fallen to one side like beach grass,
not the curved wing of his ear, washed thin
with daylight, deep pink of the inner body —
What she can’t bear is that she can’t see his face,
not that she thinks this exactly — she is rocking
and breathing — it’s more her body’s thought,
opening, as it is, into its own sheer truth.
So that when her hand lifts of its own volition
and slaps him, twice on the chest,
on that pad of muscled flesh just above the nipple,
slaps him twice, fast, like a nursing child
trying to get a mother’s attention,
she’s startled by the sound,
though when he turns his face to hers —
which is what her body wants, his eyes
pulled open, as if she had bitten —
she does reach out and bite him, on the shoulder,
not hard, but with the power infants have
over those who have borne them, tied as they are
to the body, and so, tied to the pleasure,
the exquisite pain of this world.
And when she lifts her face he sees
where she’s gone, knows she can’t speak,
is traveling toward something essential,
toward the core of her need, so he simply
watches, steadily, with an animal calm
as she arches and screams, watches the face that,
if she could see it, she would never let him see.

Dorianne Laux


Going to work and having my sexy but married French manager who is twice my age pull me into a side room and kiss me deeply until I’m weak at the knees and my clit is throbbing. Then spending all day longing for him, every accidental touch driving me wild until finally we’re alone. He turns off the lights and lays me down on the floor, before probing my pussy and anus with his fingers as he licks my clit with an intensity I’ve never experienced with my boyfriend. After taking his throbbing cock in my mouth and hearing him groan with pleasure he turns me over and finally orgasms deep in my anus as I revel in the feeling of guilty pleasure.

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Orgasm Escapade

November 27, 2015


I read somewhere recently that at the moment of orgasm, certain areas of your brain, primarily the ones that control emotion, shut down; the area processing fear is deactivated and your ’vigilance for danger’ switch ceases to exist for the duration of said climax. I had this in mind yesterday afternoon, with 9 inches of a very expensive latex cock between my legs, when I took it upon myself to test this theory. It only occurred to me in the last five minutes that I had experienced any rational cerebration at all; my inhibitions had been incinerated; my ability to register dignity as a crucial emotion worth moral preservation, when taking into consideration the window cleaner who had adjudicated that particular moment in time a good one to absterge mine of sin, lay in small fragments of shame upon my bedroom floor, discarded and beaten to within an inch of their poor, metaphoric lives. I, of course, had been on the cusp of carnal bliss, writhing shamelessly about the bed in a state of which any woman can empathize, and quite aware of the intrusion but absolutely unable to do anything about it. I came to the oblique vision of a mortified young man in sodden overalls, and I can safely say that I didn’t give two fucks and a communist bohemian about it.

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Duarte Vitoria

We met Toni and Jim three or four years ago at a local BDSM munch. Last year Toni expressed a desire to participate in a gangbang.

‘They’re a bitch to organise,’ Dee explained to her. ‘You set one up with ten guys, but only three guys turn up, the rest develop cold feet and blow you out. It’s a nightmare.’

‘Why not attend one of the greedy girl night’s at Unit 18,’ I suggested. ‘They allow single guys entry. Get half-a-dozen or so off in one of the playrooms and let nature take its course.’

‘I love gangbangs,’ Dee said. ‘I used to do them regularly – but nothing recently.’ She frowned at me, the villain of this particular piece, apparently; abruptly, and without prior warning, I was denier of this pleasurable sensation: the experience of nights propped on pillows, hours sweating, skin eaten thin by countless strange mouths.

‘I love having lots of men touch me while others stand round watching,’ she continued after a momentary pause (for effect, I s’pose). ‘Being surrounded by stiff cocks is incredible. Overwhelming. The adrenaline rush trips you out.’

‘Yeah, and I know Jim’s got this fantasy about watching me take it from all directions. Haven’t you, dear?’

‘So what’s a “Greedy Girl” night?’ Jim asked. ‘How’s it different from a gangbang?’

‘At a gangbang all the guys get to fuck the girl,’ I said. ‘She’s expected to lay back and take what comes. At Greedy Girl events there’ll be some women who are looking to have a number of guys and there will be many more guys than women. Perhaps, six or seven to one, if you’re lucky. The usual club rules apply. You can watch, play, or not, whatever suits. And if one guy takes your fancy, you don’t have to invite the whole crowd to join in.’

‘I get it.’ Jim nodded thoughtfully. ‘Sounds more civilised than a Gangbang, yeah?’

‘Slightly more, yes.’

Toni in her early forties is a great affectionardo of spanking and loves to role play the “naughty schoolgirl” for Jim and, on occasion, for us. She’s a switch who’s game to try anything once. At various times I have paddled or canned her bare backside, while Jim looked on. She’s short but plumpish with heavy breasts and curvy bum. Attractive, vivacious, intelligent. And very into kink and restraint.

We’d been role playing with them for about two years when Toni first mentioned her desire to cuckold Jim. Apparently this was his big thing. Seeing his wife used and abused. Then being abused himself by the male while Toni gave instructions.

While we’d all been in various states of undress during our role playing scenarios, we’d never had sex together. This was something new for us. It was finally agreed that Dee and I would take turns to sexually “use” Toni on our lounge floor in front of Jim. He’d be restrained and naked while this occurred. Once we’d finished with Toni, she’d guide my cock into Jim’s waiting mouth and he’d suck me to completion.

And that’s exactly what happened. More or less. Except when they arrived on that cold Saturday afternoon in November, Jim had been totally feminised – beneath his cream raincoat, he wore a slinky black midi dress, heels and stockings; slight of build, now totally scrubbed and depilated, wearing an expensive auburn wig and exquisitely made-up, Jim really looked the part. Little miss Syn, Toni called him.

I fucked Toni seven times while Jim, restrained, wearing silk and lace and a pink plastic cock cage, looked on. His cock kept trying to stiffen but the cage prevented it. Strings of Precum dribbled from it. Toni kept up this diatribe of how good my cock felt, what it was like to have a “real” man up her for a change, how many times she climaxed over it, all for Jim’s benefit.

Dee wearing a strap-on mounted Toni who, laying back across my body, slid my cock into her arse. Impaled up to my balls, she writhed between us. The fleshy filling to our sandwich. And yes, I shot my load into her beautiful broad bum –

The “grand finale” consisted of Jim, Little miss Syn, face down and arse up while Dee ruthlessly thrust that strap-on up his arse. She was expert in the way she used it. After two or three minutes of rapid thrusting, he ejaculated, his poor inflamed cock still limp and trapped in the cage.

‘There she blows,’ Toni enthusiastically yelled, as ribbons of spunk dripped from her hubby’s cage. ‘That’s the way he should always cum – with a cock in his bum. I should make him my cock-sucking little bitch. What do you think?’

‘I think we should do this again sometime,’ Dee said.

And we have, seven times to date. And “Little miss Syn” has learnt to deep throat with ease –

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November 27, 2015

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