Boots, Not Shoes

November 30, 2015


The day she died, it was pouring with rain.
People were rushing to work
with newspapers over their heads.
Drains and gutters were flooding.

I wasn’t dressed when the phone-call came.
The Bakelite handle almost fell from my grasp
when my father’s quavering voice
came on the line.

“Boots not shoes!”
was all he could say for a moment.
“There’s so much mud
where she’s lying!”

Jennifer Copley

(Jennifer Copley lives in Cumbria. In 2001 she completed an MA in Creative Writing at Lancaster University. Her poems have been widely published.)


Things needed:

• a poppet to represent the abuser
• A jar
• Enough lemon juice to fill that jar
• A needle
• A string tied to a weight (like a rock)

Take the poppet and stab it with the needle where ever you want them to hurt. If you want, stab the poppet where the abuser hurt you. Chant the following:

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. A punch for a punch, a curse for your words

Then tie the weight to the poppet. Continue the chant:

You are weighed down for the sins you have committed against me. You cannot break free.

Throw the poppet into the jar of lemon juice. Finish the curse:

You drown in the consequences of what you have done. Acid seeps into your every bone and eats away at you. There is no way out, you have no escape. You are sealed to your toxic fate.

Close and seal the jar.

Source: The Witches Curse Book

creation of sexual taboos

November 30, 2015

Ecstasy ~ Maxfield Parrish

Here I would suggest that Crowley’s sexual magick is a striking illustration of what Georges Bataille calls the power of transgression, which is a central aspect of eroticism, religious ritual and mystical experience alike. Transgression, Bataille argues, is not simple hedonism or unrestrained sexual license; rather, its power lies in the dialectic or “play” (le jeu) between taboo and transgression, through which one systematically constructs and then oversteps all laws. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in the case of eroticism. Not a matter of simple nudity, eroticism arises in the dialectic of veiling and revealing, clothing and striptease, between the creation of sexual taboos and the exhilarating experience of overstepping them. So too, in ecstatic mystical experience or religious rites (such as blood sacrifices, carnivals, etc.), one must first create an aura of purity and sanctity before one can defile it with violence, transgression or the overturning of law. “The prohibition is there to be violated;” rules are made to be broken, for it is the experience of over-stepping limits that brings the blissful sense of continuity and communion with the Other.

Hugh Urban
Unleashing the Beast: Aleister Crowley, Tantra and Sex Magic in Late Victorian England

the sexual orgasm

November 30, 2015


I have always been aware that human life is dream-like because most human beings exist passively. Their consciousness is little more than a reflection of their environment. In the sexual orgasm, the voltage power of their minds surges, and they become momentarily aware that they are not forty-watt bulbs, but two hundred and fifty, five hundred, a thousand…Then the voltage drops, and they sink back to forty watts without a protest. They are like empty-headed fools who cannot remember anything for more than a few seconds. Human beings are so mediocre that they can scarcely be said to possess minds in any real sense. In a flash, I understood the absurd and obvious truth: nothing is worth possessing except intensity of consciousness. This is the truth we glimpse in the orgasm.”

Colin Wilson
The God of the Labyrinth