A curse for those who have abused you

November 30, 2015


Things needed:

• a poppet to represent the abuser
• A jar
• Enough lemon juice to fill that jar
• A needle
• A string tied to a weight (like a rock)

Take the poppet and stab it with the needle where ever you want them to hurt. If you want, stab the poppet where the abuser hurt you. Chant the following:

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. A punch for a punch, a curse for your words

Then tie the weight to the poppet. Continue the chant:

You are weighed down for the sins you have committed against me. You cannot break free.

Throw the poppet into the jar of lemon juice. Finish the curse:

You drown in the consequences of what you have done. Acid seeps into your every bone and eats away at you. There is no way out, you have no escape. You are sealed to your toxic fate.

Close and seal the jar.

Source: The Witches Curse Book

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