The Smell of the Rain

December 28, 2015


the air smells of rain
and is a perfect grey

the sad old buildings
lean against it

a beauty
you would have to see
to understand

today my sadness
is bigger than Jesus
but there is a joy
even in this

a quiet bar on Polk Street
something to drink
and a table by the window

the people seem
to have places
to go

the cars
roll up and down
lights flash
green and red

and I could never find it
in myself
to strive for more than this

never dreaming
to be anything

other than the sky
or the smell of rain.

William Taylor Jnr


What elements are in the vowel-sounds of your mouth,
too recent like carbon rings. Anyone can tell the
interrogative is a style like any other (apron). I’m
wondering about nursing & cooking & following you
round, wiping the saliva from your tongue. That body
more prompted like recent words dressed up in a foul
mouth that wonders about illuminating gaps: no money,
real work or outlets, just an object which heeds, a verb
without status. Daughter’s inconsequence unloosed on a
whole crowd of informals to no (obvious) purpose.
That uninhibited experience told the time & your
temperature without difficulty. There was no object to
my supposing, but a verb with no status. when you told
me to take it any way I wanted, I took it in the best sense
possible. I guess that wasn’t what you meant me to do.
No object, no money, & no outlets. Woman’s a floating
island round an imperfectly-baked dessert. In an oven
you get burnt. Is this too obvious are you getting warm or
even angry. This isn’t metaphorical, I mean it to be true
statements, shook up like inside hurt. However you
decide to take them. Do I look like I’m joking when I tell
you that “The meaning of certainty is getting burned.”

Emily Critchley


His bowels, far greater alchemist than he had ever been, regularly performed the transmutation of corpses, those of beasts and of plants, into living matter, separating the useful from the dross without help from him. Ignis inferioris Naturae: those spirals of brown mud, precisely coiled and still steaming from the decocting process which they have undergone in their mold, this ammoniac and nitric fluid passed into a clay pot, were the visible and fetid proof of work completed in laboratories where we do not intervene. It seemed to Zeno that the disgust of fastidious persons at this refuse, and the obscene laughter of the ignorant, were due less to the fact that these objects offend our senses than to our horror in the presence of the mysterious and ineluctable routines of our bodies.”

Marguerite Yourcenar
L’œuvre au noir

Is that so…?

December 28, 2015


Let’s have sex

December 28, 2015

Vladimir Gorokhov

I want you to spend the night,” you said. And it was definitely your phrasing that ensured it. If you had said, “Let’s have sex,” or “Let’s go to my place,” or even “I really want you,” I’m not sure we would have gone quite as far as we did. But I loved the notion that the night was mine to spend, and I immediately decided to spend it with you.

David Levithan
The Lover’s Dictionary

Good Read

December 28, 2015



1. Poor, poor Gabriella, made to kneel naked on two family-packs of frozen peas as she licked-out Dee’s cunt.

2. Ordered out on the lane beside our house later that same evening, naked except for an old pair of yellow flip-flops, she pissed on the ivy-covered tree opposite – but like a male dog , on all fours with one leg cocked. She has truly become Dee’s pet.

3. Gabriella made to sit naked at the local BDSM group’s Christmas party with a “Whore for Sale” sign round her neck. Members and their guests encouraged to feel her up and finger her whenever the mood takes them.

4. Transported home naked in the boot of Dee’s car. Dee tells her she’s just “a cock ornament” and orders me to roughly arse fuck her standing in the front porch.

5. At regular intervals on the following day, Dee canes Gabriella on the bare backside – not because she’s done anything wrong, no, she does it because she enjoys doing it. Loves the sound of the swishy bamboo cane impacting on Gabby’s plump bum.

6. On Saturday Gabriella is encouraged to take old Simon home after a lunchtime session in our local hostelry. He’s seventy one years old, a bit skanky-looking , but Gabby must return with evidence that she’s pleasured him, sexually – which she does, handjobing him into a white handkerchief! Simon must think Christmas came early this year.

7. Gabriella delivered to Marcia’s home on the moor. She is to be Marcia’s toilet slave for the day. She has that glazed look on her face when we finally collect her in the evening, the one that says she’s been used and abused to excess all day long by both Marcia and her partner Claire.

8. Monday night Dee devoted two hours to torturing Gabriela’s tits; she did this in front of Bruce and his wife Sherry, old friends and members of a Devon BDSM group. Sherry assisted by clipping a dozen clothes pins on Gabby’s very red breasts and leaving them in place for a quarter of an hour or so. Finally, on her knees, Gabriella pleasured everyone present orally.

9. Dee ordered Gabriella to masturbate while sitting in the Foxglove restaurant. This she did, one hand between her spread legs under the table. Her face flushed redder than I’ve ever seen it before. She bit down hard on her lower lip when she came.

10. Ordered to wear a butt plug for a whole day at work last week. Gabriella in short black skirt went ‘commando’ – this to provide an opportunity for one or more of her colleagues to see the plug in her arse, whenever she bent over to retrieve items “accidentally” knocked to the floor in the office.

11. Eight friends from the local BDSM munch arrived for a “cheese and wine evening”. Gabriella, in the lounge, remained tied to a chair, naked, her knees pulled up to her shoulders, everything exposed and vulnerable, for all our guests to see. And to feel, if they wished.

12. Dee ordered Gabriella to bend over, legs slightly spread, presenting pussy and arsehole to her. Dee then carefully applied mint toothpaste to those meaty pussy lips and the outside of Gabby’s anus. The resulting burning sensation lasted a good thirty minutes. Gabriella became so turned on by it, pussy juice started to dribble down her inner thighs. Dee forcefully inserted Gabby’s panties into her soaking pussy, and masturbated her, then made Gabby take the sodden panties into her mouth and suck on them for ten minutes.

(Please remember, boys and girls, the above scenarios were each carefully worked-out before hand with everyone involved. They were, if you will, wish fulfillment games for Gabriella (and to an extent for Dee). Consent was and is everything in BDSM games. No panties were injured at any point in the proceedings, I can assure you all of this)