from When I Say I Believe Women

December 28, 2015


What elements are in the vowel-sounds of your mouth,
too recent like carbon rings. Anyone can tell the
interrogative is a style like any other (apron). I’m
wondering about nursing & cooking & following you
round, wiping the saliva from your tongue. That body
more prompted like recent words dressed up in a foul
mouth that wonders about illuminating gaps: no money,
real work or outlets, just an object which heeds, a verb
without status. Daughter’s inconsequence unloosed on a
whole crowd of informals to no (obvious) purpose.
That uninhibited experience told the time & your
temperature without difficulty. There was no object to
my supposing, but a verb with no status. when you told
me to take it any way I wanted, I took it in the best sense
possible. I guess that wasn’t what you meant me to do.
No object, no money, & no outlets. Woman’s a floating
island round an imperfectly-baked dessert. In an oven
you get burnt. Is this too obvious are you getting warm or
even angry. This isn’t metaphorical, I mean it to be true
statements, shook up like inside hurt. However you
decide to take them. Do I look like I’m joking when I tell
you that “The meaning of certainty is getting burned.”

Emily Critchley

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