what I want in the bedroom – a wife’s confession

January 6, 2016

Adam Krueger, Coquet

I love you. You are my soul mate. You make me happy. You’re a great husband and father, but you suck in bed. I’ve tried to show you what I like, but you don’t listen.

I’m cheating on you, with 4 different men, and the sex is great – I mean it is GREAT.

They could never replace you though, I just need better sex.

Please listen to what I need in the bedroom – I’m tired of all this running around – but damn it! I need this sex. I’ve faked almost every orgasm with you because you don’t seem to care about my bedroom needs and we’ve been married for almost 10 years.

If you ever stop to listen to what I want in the bedroom, I’ll stop cheating – I’d rather have GREAT sex with you.

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