In Response To A Comment On My Outspoken Nature,

April 29, 2016


When taken by the throat
I know how to say thank you.
How to be cut down mid sentence

how to shut my empty mouth
up and out without a ride I know
how to carry my panties home

in my purse. I know how to rise
the skeleton from my nothing body
starving up the currency of me.

I know how to be held
against a wall, when I am called
a bitch I know how to say yes.

Three times a day, I know how
to apologize on my stomach,
to feel grateful that I am

the only woman. I know
how to good girl a Sunday
into submission. When asked

to open my mouth I am already
kneeling. When asked if I want it
I know how to say please.

Meghann Plunkett

(Meghann Plunkett is a poet, performer, and feminist.)

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