April 30, 2016


I was a tree
Bending, twisting
Around each part of you
So much more
Than you would do
For me
I was a stone
Solid and unyielding
To your touch
Never moving
Never giving
Anything was too much
It was just
Too much
I was an ocean
Salty and wet
Swelling with pride
And indifference
Flowing around you
Through you
Drowning you
In my tide
I was a star
Burning high and bright
Outshining all the rest
I would light up the night
And wish upon myself
I always know what is best
I was a moment
Passing like a kiss
Brushed across your cheek
And unremarkable
The piece of time that is most weak
I was a poem of rhyming verse
But always free
And I worked my way down the thoughts
And tripped off of the pen
Of some poet
Just like me

Lucinda L Flanary

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