I’m having an affair…

May 30, 2016

Stanley Spencer - Self Portrait with Patricia Preece

I love my husband. And I’m having an affair. At first I didn’t think I was – my husband and I found another couple attractive, then found out over many months they might be the kind that “switch” (they were), and one party led to another.

Turns out he and I are attracted, my husband and his wife aren’t.

We started an email, text, phone call relationship for 6 months. We had sex a few weeks ago for the first time and it was unbelievable. Today my husband asked if I’d had sex with him. I told him “no”. He was glad, he doesn’t want me to be with him. That makes it really wrong, doesn’t it?

I love my husband so much. I can’t imagine a better man, best friend, so perfect. He has ED. What do I do? I’m so confused, I want my BF but I think I need to hear the truth. Am I wrong? I love my husband and deny him nothing, he just can’t perform. I’m young, not that young, young enough to really enjoy sex but old enough to know I only have a few precious years left.

True Wife Confession

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