Haunted Cornwall – Pengersick Castle

August 16, 2016


Probably the most haunted location in Cornwall (if not the world!), Pengersick Castle boasts over twenty ghosts walking (floating?) its grounds, near Praa Sands, and within its atmospheric Tudor beamed rooms. A quick glance at Pengersick’s long history, which includes the practice of Black Magic, an uneasy pact with demons, rape, murder, robbery, and smuggling, we may more easily understand why these spectres should abide here.

John Milliton, builder of the Tudor tower, is rumoured to be the Dark Lord who dabbled in the black arts at Pengersick. He’s supposed to have conjured a demon in the tower, and his ghost has been seen in many rooms of the castle. He, so they say, became a recluse shortly after murdering a London man and attempting to murder his wife with poisoned wine.

Henry Pengersick, another restless spirit, was excommunicated following an attack on a priest. He was believed to have murdered Brother Thomas of Hailes Abbey in Gloucester – and it is possibly the ghost of this same Brother Thomas, in flowing brown robes and wide-brimmed hat, that has been regularly observed in the small wood at the bottom of the medieval garden.

Often, ghostly Latin chants have been heard throughout the Castle.

Today visitors enter the tower through the original doorway. Many, here, are struck by an ‘overwhelming sense of malignancy’, and some, as a result, decline to go any further. A sixty-five step spiral staircase takes you to the battlements above. Here, the ghost of a thirteen year old girl may tempt the unwary to step a little too closely to the battlements edge, and hence into oblivion! The girl, in life, fell from these battlements to her death.

Doors slam unexpectedly. Voices shout in rooms where no one is present. Footsteps echo in empty passageways. Keys rattle, ominously. Pengersick Castle is a ghost hunters paradise – but be warned. Not all these sad phantoms are benign; some, nurtured on madness, wish you ill and would have you join them in Pengersick’s gallery of phantoms.

You have been warned!

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    I think, this post would make even Stephen King happy. Only difference, this is real. Read for yourself and the side.

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