Snake Girl #1

September 2, 2016


She was hardly competent
with her hands,
her eyes rolled
to a distant Muddy Waters
record that kept skipping.
She slithered around me
squeezed tight
as if to force out
all the bad love.
She sunk her fangs
into a throbbing artery.
I burst on the spot.
I bled over her scales
the hard leather skin
that hid the ancient hurt.
She never took rejection,

Kyle Hemmings

living in our own world

September 2, 2016

Change by Glenn Wakeford

I don’t think the world is the way we like to think it is. I don’t think it’s one solid world, but many, thousands upon thousands of them–as many as there are people – because each person perceives the world in his or her own way; each lives in his or her own world. Sometimes they connect, for a moment, or more rarely, for a lifetime, but mostly we are alone, each living in our own world, suffering our small deaths.

Charles de Lint
Dreams Underfoot

Black Candles

September 2, 2016


When the black candles of the night
Are set again before time’s portal,
The ancient ones – the furry footed,
And such of these as being mortal
Yet have at heart a space of midnight
Lit by the old stars they never saw,
Find an old path along the margin
And follow it past proven law,
Back to the Sphinx, the Pyramids
Of mystery and old delight,
A way that only can be found
By the black candles of the night.

Yetza Gillespie
(first published Weird Tales V44 No.5 July 1952)

The Pocket Witch

September 2, 2016

A pocket witch

Such a convenience,
Near at hand, until she grew
Too big for his britches.

Catherine Hintz

September 2, 2016