The Whisperers

September 25, 2016


As beneath the moon I walked,
Dog-at-heel, my shadow stalked,
Keeping ghostly company:
And as we went gallantly
Down the fell-road, dusty-white,
Round us in the windy night
Bracken, rushes, bent and heather
Whispered ceaselessly together:
“Would he ever journey more,
Ever stride so carelessly:
If he knew what lies before,
And could see what we can see?”

As I listened, cold with dread,
Every hair upon my head
Strained to hear them talk of me,
Whispering, whispering ceaselessly:
“Folly’s fool the man must be,
Surely, since, though where he goes
He knows not, his shadow knows:
And his secret shadow never
Utters warning words, or ever
Seeks to save him from his fate,
Reckless, blindfold, and unknown,
Till death tells him all, too late,
And his shadow walks alone.”

Wilfrid Wilson Gibson

a little refreshment…

September 25, 2016


With a mocking smile, he placed one hand upon my shoulder and, holding me tight, bared my throat with the other, saying as he did so, `First, a little refreshment to reward my exertions. You may as well be quiet. It is not the first time, or the second, that your veins have appeased my thirst!’

Bram Stoker

live in the dark…

September 25, 2016


When you live in the dark for so long, you begin to love it. And it loves you back, and isn’t that the point? You think, the face turns to the shadows, and just as well. It accepts, it heals, it allows. But it also devours.

Raymond Carver
Late Fragment

Something you can rely on…

September 25, 2016


Mrs. Daldry’s first orgasms

September 25, 2016

In The Next Room (or the vibrator play)

Now then, Mrs. Daldry, I would ask you to remove your clothing but you may keep your underthings on. Please remove your corset, if you would. Annie will place a sheet over your lower regions. We will respect your modesty in every particular.

Mrs. Daldry nods.

I shall give you privacy.

He turns his back on them, a gentleman, as Mrs. Daldry undresses with Annie’s help.
Mrs. Givings has re-entered the living room without the baby.
She sees Mr. Daldry.

Hello again.

Hello. They are trying to get rid of me. I am supposed to walk about the grounds.

But is it not raining, Mr—?

I don’t know.

Your name?

No. If it is raining.

Then you will have to gamble on whether or not to take an umbrella.


Meanwhile, in the operating theatre, Mrs. Daldry disrobes with Annie’s help.
It takes a while to disrobe as she wears a variety of layers.

In the living room, with Mr. Daldry and Mrs. Givings:

There are three kinds of people. Those who use umbrellas when it is not raining; those who do not use umbrellas even when it is raining; and those who use umbrellas only and precisely while it rains. Which kind are you, Mr. Daldry?

I use an umbrella while it is raining.

That’s too bad. I find people who do not use umbrellas while it is raining horribly romantic. Strolling, no striding, through the rain, with wet hair, looking at a drop of water on a branch.

My wife is one of those.

Oh yes! I could see that.

It’s damned annoying. I always worry she’ll catch cold.

But horribly romantic. My husband opens his umbrella at the merest hint of rain. And even if it does not rain, he will leave it open, stubborn as an ox, and keep walking. My husband is a scientist.

And what sort of person are you, Mrs. Givings?

Why, I don’t know. My husband has always held the umbrella. Isn’t that funny. I don’t know at all what kind of person I am.

In the other room, Mrs. Daldry’s clothes are now off to her under-clothes.
Annie drapes a sheet over her.

I‘ll show you the grounds and we can use this very large umbrella and perhaps I will hold it and we shall see what kind of person I am. I only hope you do not get wet.

It sounds like a madcap adventure.

Mrs. Givings and Mr. Daldry exit.
In the operating theatre:

Are you ready for me?

Yes, Dr. Givings.

Are you warm enough? (Mrs. Daldry nods.)
Mrs. Daldry, we are going to produce in you what is called a paroxysm. The congestion in your womb is causing your hysterical symptoms and if we can release some of that congestion and invite the juices downward your health will be restored. hanks to the dawn of electricity—yes, thank you Mr. Edison, I always tip my hat to Mr. Edison—a great American—I have a new instrument which I will use. It used to be that it would take me or it would take Annie—oh—hours—to produce a paroxysm in our patients and it demanded quite a lot of skill and patience. It was much like a child’s game—trying to pat the head and rub the stomach at the same time—but thanks to this new electrical instrument we shall be done in a matter of minutes.

I—I’m afraid I don’t—

Three minutes, sometimes five at the outer limits. Are you ready Mrs. Daldry?

She nods.
He takes out a huge vibrator.
He plugs it in.
He turns it on.

I am frightened.

Don’t be frightened.

There is no danger of being electrocuted?

None at all.

He puts his arm under the sheets and
holds the vibrator to her private parts.

I will tell you an amusing story. Dr. Benjamin Franklin once decided to electrocute a bird for his turkey dinner on Christmas eve. But, by mistake, he held onto the chain, completing the circuit, and couldn’t let go. He described violently convulsing until he was able by sheer force of will to let go of the chain. He was perfectly fine! Do you feel calmer?

A little.

This will just take a matter of minutes.

Mrs. Daldry moans quietly.

It’s all right, Mrs. Daldry. That’s just fine.

Mrs. Daldry moans quietly.

Annie will hold your hand.

Annie holds her hand.

Oh, God in His heaven!

She has a quiet paroxysm.
Now remember that these are the days
before digital pornography.
There is no cliché of how women are supposed to orgasm,
no idea in their heads of how they are supposed to sound when they climax.
Mrs. Daldry’s first orgasms could be very quiet,
organic, awkward, primal. Or very clinical. Or embarrassingly natural.
But whatever it is, it should not be a cliché, a camp version
of how we expect all women sound when they orgasm.
It is simply clear that she has had some kind of release.

Sarah Ruhl
In the Next Room, or the vibrator play

Message from our Sponsor…

September 25, 2016



• The receiver should have a bowel movement beforehand, if necessary. In any case, both partners may prefer if he has a series of enemas shortly before, injecting only enough water to rinse out the rectum. He shouldn’t take too much water too deeply, as it might come out at an importune moment. Enemas, of course, eliminate trace of faeces, but they also relax the anal muscles and stimulate the whole area. Wash with warm water and gentle soap afterwards.

• Start with foreplay: engage in sexy talk, massage his buttocks, have him present himself in a way to expose his anus, give him analingus, spank him, circle the sphincter muscle with a finger, and so on. If you delay the moment of insertion and tease him physically and verbally, he’ll reach the point where he’ll want it so badly he’ll beg.

• Use a lot of lubricant. Water-based lubricants, like KY Jelly, are generally better, as they don’t stain fabrics like silicone-based lubricants. But you have to keep applying, because they get sticky rather fast.

• Enjoy the process of penetration. You shouldn’t race to the prostate any more than you would race to the clitoris. Treat the anus much like you would the vagina, only more gently and with even more patience. It feels wonderful having a lubricated finger plunging in and out, and can be fascinating for the person penetrating the other.

• The prostate is located about two or three inches inside the anus toward the front of the body. Often one can feel it through the wall of the anus as a circular bulge.

• Try circling the pad of a fingertip around the edge of prostate. If you touch it directly, do so gently, with about the same pressure you would apply rubbing your eyeball. You can use a repetitive tapping motion or slide your fingertip back and forth over the prostate. Experiment.

• You can also apply steady pressure while the man squeezes his anal muscles around your finger. Doing this for a long time can produce semen without an orgasm. It’s referred to as prostate milking. It feels good having the prostate empty, and he can still go on to have an orgasm (though the ejaculation will have a much lower volume).

• Try stroking the perineum (the external area of skin between his anus and his testicles) while your finger is inside his anus. This will simultaneously stimulate the prostate from a second angle.

• Oral sex along with prostate massage can feel incredible. Suck his penis in rhythm with your finger in his anus.

• Don’t forget his testicles! You can lick and gently suck on them too.

• Maybe give the prostate a break and just finger his anus. That’s pleasurable in itself, and gives the prostate pleasure indirectly. He might prefer that, having your finger slide in and out.

• He may like to have you insert two or more fingers at once. Start by twisting your index and middle fingers, which will make them enter more easily. Experiment with ways of gently stretching the anal sphincter (the outer “lips,” what people generally refer to as the anus). Once he is really open, you can start inserting a butt plug, dildo, vibrator, or prostate massager, if he so desires.

• One nice trick is to insert a finger using an edible lubricant or a lot of saliva (go very slowly if you do that) and then lick his anus around your finger. This can make an exquisite surprise, having his anus fingered and licked at the same time.

• The orgasms from prostate massage and anal fingering can be incredibly strong, especially for a first timer. Don’t be surprised if he makes a lot of noise while you finger him, and groans or cries out in joyful agony when he cums. He may ejaculate more semen than ever before.

• Many men will prefer that their partner withdraw the finger during orgasm. Somehow it feels right, being able to concentrate on orgasm and ejaculation. The sensation of one’s anus being open, tender, and satisfied may also add a special pleasure.

• Being so intimate, anal fingering and prostate massage can be a deeply emotional, even spiritual experience for a man. Keep that in mind, including in the aftermath of orgasm. He will likely feel vulnerable and in need of quiet affection and gentle words.

by WD

Sinful Sunday…

September 25, 2016