The Whisperers

September 25, 2016


As beneath the moon I walked,
Dog-at-heel, my shadow stalked,
Keeping ghostly company:
And as we went gallantly
Down the fell-road, dusty-white,
Round us in the windy night
Bracken, rushes, bent and heather
Whispered ceaselessly together:
“Would he ever journey more,
Ever stride so carelessly:
If he knew what lies before,
And could see what we can see?”

As I listened, cold with dread,
Every hair upon my head
Strained to hear them talk of me,
Whispering, whispering ceaselessly:
“Folly’s fool the man must be,
Surely, since, though where he goes
He knows not, his shadow knows:
And his secret shadow never
Utters warning words, or ever
Seeks to save him from his fate,
Reckless, blindfold, and unknown,
Till death tells him all, too late,
And his shadow walks alone.”

Wilfrid Wilson Gibson

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