As Long as She’s a Bitch!

September 26, 2016


I’m not over finicky, am easy to please –
Capable of falling for a wide range of tease.
Only one condition I count, one little hitch:
A girl’s got to be a strife sowing bitch!

Don’t care if a girl’s a star at debutant balls;
Or if she works at greasy eateries in malls –
Don’t care if she’s skilled at social one upsmanship;
Or prefers isolation, being outcast hip:
All social caste – from the gutter to filthy rich –
Is fine, as long as she’s a scheming bitch!

Don’t care if a girl’s plundered a lingerie shop;
Or if she’s a rosy-cheek fresh from the sock hop –
Don’t care if she’s into Catholic schoolgirl plaid;
Or a biker tough who likes to look dirty, bad:
All fashion’s acceptable, any style of stitch,
As long as she’s a tantrum tossing bitch!

Don’t care if a girl’s a nymphomaniac slut;
Or if she needs to be courted, plead with to rut –
Don’t care if she’s bedded two dozen baseball teams;
Or if no man’s ever explored inside her seams:
I’ll take maid or whore, any experience niche,
As long as she’s a fight fomenting bitch!

Don’t care if a girl’s into rubber bondage kink;
Or if she’s fond of coupling on a skating rink –
Don’t care if she must be wearing ‘luminum foil;
Or if I’ve got to dress as Tiller of the Soil:
I’ll embrace any fetish, all means to bewitch,
As long as she’s an unrepentant bitch!

Don’t care if a girl’s mouth ceaselessly runs riot;
Or if she barely breathes a word, is always quiet –
Don’t care if she often speaks of Christianity;
Or if her vocabulary’s half profanity:
Any subject matter, all forms of vocal pitch,
As long as she’s a discontented bitch!

Call it magnetism or addiction –
Call it an emotional affliction;
Or the utter death of rational thought,
Willful disregard of all I’ve been taught:
I simply don’t combust with peaceful girls –
Have little use for the Sunny-As-Pearls!
Yes, give me a wildcat or fitch:
There’s nothing like bedding a bitch!

What’s the explanation? I’m not masochistic;
It’s simply that, for me, friction’s alchemistic –
A means of engaging inner unrest,
Resolving self-conflict, emerging blest:
Nice girls are unable to dredge my deeps,
Exorcize the things that give me the creeps;
But a malevolent bitch – my oh my! –
Engages those things, routs them, bids them fly!
I’m in heaven – consider myself rich –
Only when being renewed by a bitch!

Nice girls are a being struck with blindness,
Submission to slow killing with kindness.
That’s right, nice girls are the gravedigger’s ditch!
So I’ll retain clarity with a bitch –
I’ll remain alive and thrive with a bitch!
Any female, as long as she’s a bitch!

Robert Scott Leyse

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