October 7, 2016


You’re good for nothing but sucking
the tides to and fro, filling
the hospitals once a month, cajoling

packs of women to bleed on cue –
nothing of use in getting me home
on this dark road, two drinks in me

and the driver ahead stopping short
whenever I fiddle with the radio.
So why, navigating a 360 on-ramp

between pines, should I draw breath
to see you there, low in the sky
and creamy as a breast, smug

as all get-out, like the femme fatale
you’ll surely be if I don’t attend
to my arrival? I know you’ll keep it up:

your bump-and-grind climb, beguiling
and magnetizing everyone in sight
for no earthly reason, all night long.

Laura Cherry

Laura Cherry is the author of the recent chapbook ‘Two White Beds’ (Minerva Rising), the full length collection Haunts (Cooper Dillon Books), and the chapbook ‘What We Planted’ (Providence Athenaeum). She co-edited the anthology ‘Poem, Revised’ (Marion Street Press). Her work has been published in journals including LA Review, Waterhouse Review, Tuesday: An Art Project, Newport Review, and H_NGM_N. It has also appeared in the anthologies ‘Present Tense’ (Calyx Press), ‘Vocabula Bound’ (Vocabula Books), and ‘Letters to the World’ (Red Hen Press).

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