no hair on her fly trap…

October 9, 2016


“Now,” said Sophie, with a gay laugh, “we must make Rosa a free woman, and examine all she’s got. Come on, girls, lay her down, and turn up her smock.”

The beautiful girl only made a slight feint of resisting, as she playfully pulled up their chemises, exclaiming: “You shan’t look at my fanny for nothing. La! Polly has got no hair on her fly trap yet. What a pretty pouting slit yours is, Annie. I think you have been using the finger of a glove made into a little cock for Sophie, and told her to bring home from school for you.”

She was soon stretched on her back on the soft mossy grass, her face covered with burning blushes, as her pretty cunt was exposed to view, ornamented with its chevelure of soft red hair; her beautiful white belly and thighs shining like marble in the bright sunlight. The three sisters were blushing as well as their friend, and delighted at the sight of so much loveliness.

One after another, they kissed the vermilion lips of their friend’s delightful slit, and then turning her on her face, proceeded to smack the lily white bottom of their laughing, screaming victim, with their open hands.

Smacks and laughter echoed through the grove, and we almost fancied ourselves witnesses to the games of real nymphs. At last she was allowed to rise on her knees, and then the three sisters in turn presented their cunts to their friend to kiss. Polly was the last, and Rosa, clasping her arms firmly round my youngest cousin’s buttocks, exclaimed: “Ah! Ah! You have made me feel so rude, I must suck this little hairless jewel,” as she glued her lips to it, and hid her face almost from sight, as if she would devour Polly’s charms there and then. The young girl, flushed with excitement, placed her hands on Rosa’s head, as if to keep her there, whilst both Annie and Sophie, kneeling down by the side of their friend, began to caress her cunt, bosom, and every charm they could tickle or handle.

This exciting scene lasted for five or six minutes, till at last they all sank down in a confused heap on the grass, kissing and fingering in mad excitement.

Sub-Umbra, or Sport Among the She-Noodles
The Pearl, Volume 3

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