No naked ladies in front of my house, please…

October 22, 2016


Diary 22nd October

Simple sound-bites of a mind on the edge…

FACT: Men generally are uncomfortable with sensuality that is not designed for male consumption.


I have a friend (really, I do. Just the one…), a poet who suffers from insomnia. He wanders round the house at night in the dark with a torch. He likes to shine a light into hidden places, those tucked away nooks and crannies you never normally look into. He even shines it down drains, just to see what might be living there.


FACT: There is an assumption that women are naturally intuitive and more able to offer comfort; are nestbuilders, with an internal need to provide succor and solace to others (particularly men), but this is a cultural (male) construct which helps justify emotional indolence on the part of most men.


Yeah, if you can’t understand my silence, how the hell are you going to understand my words…?

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